PES 08 on PS3 is More Fluid & Ahead of 360 Version, says GameSpy

GameSpy writes:
"After playing at least a round on each console, once to a crushing defeat, then a tie on 360, and finally a victory on the PS3, we can confidently say that it feels pretty similar to last year's game on 360, and oddly, it feels a little more fluid on the PS3."

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Corrupt4125d ago

October's not far away but the wait will feel alot longer.

4124d ago
xaphanze4124d ago

what the heck are u talking about?there was no ps3 version ever

VaeVictus4124d ago

Mike_mgoblue. He is a spammer of sites. He will invade every PS3 forum reposting the same redundant spin he does on other sites. I've heard he's been banned from some sites b/c of this. You'd be best suited to block him as a user. You won't miss anything, the jist of every post is that the PS3 sucks and the 360 is the 2nd coming of Christ.

He's just a lonely fanboy who has nothing better to do in his downtime (while his 360 is being repaired) than to comment on his hatred of the PS3. He is the worst fanboy I've ever seen.

SlappyMcTaint4124d ago

You retard!! There hasn't been a PS3 version, so go away, you M$-paid xbot!!

nasim4124d ago

since ps3 is way more powerful than x360

all it was lacking were TOOLS

with better tools even the multiplat games would look wayyyyyyyy better on ps3


secret4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Because of these mr. xbox's, Microsoft's reputation as a positive american icon is tarnished. Microsoft is now seen as cruel and evil. Dirty. Untrustworthy. They think they're promotoing microsoft, but they're really hurting the company's image. I don't think any good citizen would behave as these xboxers. I own shares of stock in Microsoft since my sophomore year in highschool and I bought both of my PS3's thanks to that.

In every society, there are prisons or juvenile halls because there are always bad people (most of them xbox owners who would prefer Gears of War over Algebra homework and education, something I'm sure prison inmates would prefer compared to Hillary Clinton). Hopefully, over time, through natural selection, they'll die off and we won't have to worry about graffiti or iron bars or locking our doors anymore or letting our children out to play. Heck, if all goes well, we won't need to worry about loudmouths disrupting our enjoyment of movies in movie theaters anymore.

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MK_Red4125d ago

I didn't play the 360 version last year but then, I haven't played WE/PES or any other football title for 6 years. If the new one is indeed the advanced thing we're promised then I might just get this Pro Evo.

CG4125d ago

I might just get this for the ps3 since i currently have no games for it.

Dr Pepper4125d ago

Why is there only outdoor soccer games? It would be cool to have Indoor soccer games (much more intense than outdoor, imo, and you also have the wall to use) or Futsal games.

MK_Red4125d ago

Good point. Futsal is really intense and a good futsal game would rock.

Leg-End4125d ago

u can use the wall, it's well better lol

hella whip4125d ago

I remember one of the older FIFA games had a indoor football mode.

MK_Red4124d ago

Good one. I remember playing it on Genesis if I'm not mistaken. It was really hectic and arcadish but really fun IMO.

Bebedora4124d ago

Ever heard of the game Speed Ball anyone? [email protected] fun, bloody and intense.

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felidae4125d ago

It seems like devs learn to handle the ps3.

Now the games are getting better and better.

Exclusives for PS3 already look like nothing else on the 360.

Happy to own a Playstation 3.

FirstknighT4125d ago

...that has a lil crush on theMart...I bet u wake up in the morning just hating Mart, huh? Get a life sucka!


ALI-G4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

last gen when there was no comparsion between the power of xbox and ps2 , pro always looked ans played better in PS2.for the past 2 years i played every single PRO(IN PS2-XBOX) and most of FIFA (xbox-ps2)
but this year i am only going with one in 360 which is FIFA, i am sick of buying KONAMI crap.apart from pro they got nothing MGS sh1111111111t you can pulla tank from ur pocket and the A.I is the biggest joke in the world , just graphic

Dareaver14124d ago

No one in their comments before you made any flamebait claims, but here you go. That is really sad. The guy below you might be right, you probably do have an obsession with TheMart. I mean be appreciative of the fact that PES:08 runs well and sounds like it's gonna be a good offering to these respective console. But no, you fanboys can't just be happy, you need to turn your positive into a negative for the competition, another validating your purchase scream. Just stop it and game on. Are you gonna get a 360, if not then just stop. Both consoles will prove themselves with their respective games. End of story!

DeadIIIRed4124d ago

The Mart does come out and say some pretty flaming things sometimes. I'm not surprised someone would come out and tell him he's wrong. Besides, FirstknighT and Dareaver1, you two are the ones who felt that standing up for the Mart was worth your time. If this guy is obsessed I don't even know what you two would be.

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