Fable 3 offers free, day-one DLC with new copies

If you pick up a new copy of Fable 3 next week, you'll find a free, one-time-use Xbox Live redemption code bundled inside. What does the code unlock, you ask? One flask of Raise Dead potion, another of Slow Time potion, the Scot Male/Female Hero Outfit, the Highlander Tattoo Set and the Red Setter skin for your virtual pooch.

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Myst2855d ago

I see developers are going to start giving out DLC and such for free for those who paid new copies in the hopes that people won't go for used. The question then becomes if it is exactly worth it in the end?

Either way *goes back to working on the time machine to take me to Monday night 11:59 PM*

Inside_out2854d ago

@ Nuri...Having any DLC for free is good but if it is already available in the game then whats the point. It would be nice to get something that nobody else outside of day one/first time buyers are getting.

Xi2854d ago

the point is that gamestop and other retailers make a killing off of the resale of used videogames, that's money earned by them for no work.

Most people are completely ignorant of what that free DLC entails and will just assume it's something special, that alone seems segnificant. That said.

Free DLC for first new copy owners will encourage more players to purchase the game new as opposed to use, which provides more money to the publisher and developer as opposed to the retailer.

Personally I'm all for it.

Myst2853d ago

Yeah later on I began thinking the same way Xi was at least as I was making some comments about the same story on Gametrailers. A perfect example I had for this was Mass Effect 2's cerebus network.