David Cage "would certainly have loved to" collaborate with Molyneux

GamerZines writes:

Even fellow developers can feel saddened when they see projects cancelled, and Quantic Dream's CEO David Cage has weighed in on the confusion surrounding Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios' 'Milo' project.

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darx2709d ago

I just heard the sound of hearts being crushed.

BlackBusterCritic2708d ago

We just don't know why David Cage would want to taint his career by working with a man that outright lied about Milo, overrates his games, and later admits fault to the games being mediocre.

Bass_fisherman2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

it would be a very interesting combination of 2 creative minds into 1 game alone

trainsinrdr2708d ago

well heres a goal for quantic dream create a modern day rpg kinda like a mix of gta 4 and oblivion and u will sell millions day 1 xD

Edward-Kraken2708d ago

Why Molyneux of all people?

kaveti66162708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Yeah, why not that gay vampire from twilight?

Edit: Oh, there was nothing at all in my comment but the joke. I have no opinions on the matter.

Edward-Kraken2708d ago

lol. I dont hate Molyneux or anything, but why wouldnt he choose someone on par with the likes of Kojima?

Eamon2708d ago

Yes you do hate Molyneux. Or would you rather David Cage work with you?

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The story is too old to be commented.