Costume Quest Review (RunDLC)

Get into the Halloween spirit with Costume Quest, a charming and fun Xbox Live/PSN adventure from the talented folks at Double Fine. This non-violent and pretty video game casts you as a brother or sister (it’s your choice) that sets off to rescue the other sibling from a bunch of monsters known as grubbins, as well as an evil witch named Dorsilla. Armed with your candy bag and available costumes, you explore a handful of environments searching for hidden goodies, interacting with kids and battling enemies. It’s pretty, full of imagination and quite enjoyable, so long as you can put up with some back tracking.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Buff10442703d ago

Was def surprising after reading some less than good reviews.

InfectedDK2703d ago

Damn all the good downloadable games atm..
Just bought Swords n Soldiers, Sonic 4, Joe Danger..
Don't have Castle Crashers.. And now this one.. The PSN is loaded with great new PSN games for sure!

Ares84PS32703d ago

The rest of the world can't relate to this game as much as kids from the US can since trick -n- treating is a tradition here only.

As for the game itself if you strip it down from the Halloween setting, it isn't as good. I tried the demo and deleted it after 10 minutes of playing.

ReservoirDog3162703d ago

"The rest of the world can't relate to this game as much as kids from the US can since trick -n- treating is a tradition here only."


Ares84PS32703d ago

Where else is it a tradition or where else do they have Haloween like in the US??

Ares84PS32703d ago

Canada is pretty much like the US in everything. I'm supprised that there is a border there.

Anyways that's it. No country in Europe, South America, Australia and oceania, Asia or Africa has that like North America does.

Lucreto2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Trick or Treat part is in most countries but the whole festival aspect doesn't translate to other regions. Whole streets are not decorated like in the game, you will be lucky to see a pumpkin out on the day.

The main aspects are sweets, fireworks and bonfires.

Ocelot5252703d ago

in europe you can trick-n-treat the social services

iamgoatman2702d ago

Actually it's a pretty big here in the UK as well.

ReservoirDog3162702d ago

Haha, no it was a serious question. I just always naturally assumed everyone did it.

Either way, tried the demo and liked it a lot.

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Treyb3yond2702d ago

Halloween doesn't even come from the USA!

It comes from Britain.

You obviously live on "planet America"

ReservoirDog3162703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Thinking of getting this.

djfullshred2703d ago

Played the demo. It was fun, and one of those games that both kids & adults would like (kids old enough to read that is, since all dialog is text)

TANUKI2702d ago

Absolutely amazing game. Best $15 I ever spent.