Why Sonic Fan Remix Puts Sega To Shame

X360 reveals how Sonic 4: Episode One only spent a week as Sonic’s greatest 2.5D update…

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Yi-Long2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Sega should definitely be ashamed. Basically 1 guy did what Sega has failed to do for many years now: delivering a great looking and awesome playing Sonic game!

THIS is how we want to see and enjoy Sonic. THIS would be worth 1200 MPS. THIS should be the way Sonic 2D platformers SHOULD be done.

Its such a shame that Sega is so incredibly clueless when it comes to giving their fans what they want.

The company has shown incompetence time and time and time again, while they have all the talent and opportunities to do so much better!

Sega: Please hire this guy! Put him in charge of any future Sonic 2D game, either remakes or new ones.

I'd buy a whole new Sega console if it would launch with games like this!

mcmmaster2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

it wasn't one guy, go complete the demo then see how many people are exactly working on this

I do agree with the rest of your points, I aint even going to pay shit for sonic 4, 1200 points, and its coming out in episodes, the first had 4 zones, man fuck that shit, they should just release sonic 4 on 1 big disc with 10-20 zones, people would buy that, no one is going to buy episodes that are just a waste of money

Yi-Long2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

... he had help from a couple of other people, but the whole thing started with pretty much 1 guy doing this whole thing, and then he got some extra help where needed.

I did finish the demo btw so I saw the credits.

I agree with you on agreeing with me on my other points though. Well done! :P

wwm0nkey2827d ago

Actually it was 2 guys, the other people mentioned didnt do coding or ect.

Redempteur2827d ago

actually i agree with you agreeing to him agreeing to you

Theonik2827d ago

I loved the demo on all aspects except visuals i find them to be terribly ugly and it's hard to even see the enemies most of the time with the way they blend in the environment. Add that to going fast and you have a problem. They nailed everything else though.

SKUD2827d ago

For the love of all that is holy retire the damn hedge hog. No current game developer will make a proper Sonic game. Ever IMO. The series as little or no dignity left. Poor hedge hog.

condorstrike2827d ago

this guy deserves his own company, or get hired by 1, he's much more talented than whole teams, well him and his crew.

I was so impressed I had to spread the word, now imagine what he can do with "METROID"..........: )

Xander-RKoS2827d ago

Remaking a 20 year old game makes these guys better than a whole team? What can he do with Metroid? Remake it? Not saying this isn't cool, but I think we should be giving these guys credit where credit is due: the remade an already awesome game and gave it a new, incredible art style.

But making new things is always harder than redoing old.

Swiftfox2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Sega may be ashamed, but at least they didn't slap these guys with a Cease and Disist order.

skatezero2462827d ago

o_0 sega should be ashamed, Sega needs to hire this guy because he knows exactly what Sonic fans want enough of the crappy 3d sonics

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