First Call Of Duty: Black Ops impressions are in

SystemLink: Following a request from Activision UK PR, in which we were informed that the content from Official PlayStation Magazine UK in question was not a review but an extended preview 'verdict', we have changed the title and part of the content of this article to align this oversight. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Fishy Fingers2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Cries of bias incoming. Roll on November.

Some scans would be nice :)

PhilipLarkin2823d ago

Scans are illegal, unfortunately. D=

Fishy Fingers2823d ago

Haha, you think that will stop people uploading them? Give it 24 hours.

Winter47th2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Call of Duty's taking the form of an annual sports game and frankly I see nothing wrong with that, it's all about competitive multiplayer, it's what keeps the hundreds of thousands of players all around the globe coming back to challenge each other, I don't see any difference between this, Fifa, NBA & Madden when it comes to the principles of competitive play. People have no problem supporting those games even though they have minor changes each year, Call of Duty IS regarded as a sport FPS imo.

So the people moaning about "bot this ze same as teh game frum last yeeahr lulz sheeps!1" should just suck it up. It will break records, people will love it, it'll sell by the millions, every company thinks twice before releasing anything close to its deadline, every publisher wants a piece of the Call of Duty pie so they tack-on a copy-paste MP in their games to attract its crowds.

It's not merely an FPS anymore since COD4 as much as the addictive MP and the countless hours of competition it offers.

SephireX2823d ago

Maybe you should accept other people's opinions. A lot of people don't like CoD and I'm not a big fan of it myself. Since 4, it has been going down hill year on year, unlike Fifa which is on the rise. I don't find the multiplayer particulary entertaining. Not enough team work and too much glitching. Also, Treyarch don't have a great record. Maybe they can change that this time round.

Hydrolex2823d ago

God ! Moh was a joke, I cant believe they tried to compete with Cod

acky12823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

As gamers, we shouldn't stand for yearly instalments of games that change little in their gameplay and graphics.

Sport games could and should just release dlc every other year to update the database of players cos that's the only difference from the previous version really.

I really don't understand why people are willing to pay full price for something which hasn't changed from last time round.

The only thing tempting me to buy this one is the splitscreen online cos everything else I can get from cod4.

DecoyOctopus2823d ago

so is pirating and murder but people still do it

STONEY42823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

"Call of Duty's taking the form of an annual sports game and frankly I see nothing wrong with that, it's all about competitive multiplayer, it's what keeps the hundreds of thousands of players all around the globe coming back to challenge each other, I don't see any difference between this, Fifa, NBA & Madden when it comes to the principles of competitive play. People have no problem supporting those games even though they have minor changes each year, Call of Duty IS regarded as a sport FPS imo."

You know what's absolutely hilarious? Starcraft is a bigger sport than all of those, and they only just made their second game. Calling COD a sport is honestly a joke. There's no point in making a yearly release for a "sport FPS". In 2005, over 120,000 people were in a stadium... for a Starcraft championship. That's a sport. It's called making an amazing, deep game, but the COD devs are always too focused on gimmicks and such that it'll never be that way, since they're extremely focused on pleasing the casuals now.

Activision just wants their money, simple as that.

Nitrowolf22823d ago


he didn't call it a sport, he said its becoming like an annual sport game meaning there one released every year now
which goes a long with that last part of your comment

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Sony3602823d ago

Still waiting on the real reviews with a new game, like always.

PS360fanboy2823d ago

Were you expecting anything less than 5/5 for both single and multiplayer?!

Yeah, me neither. If there's one thing these guys are good at is devilering an outstanding FPS experience.

Can't wait to get my hands on it!

acky12823d ago

In this instance I really think the name is getting the score and not the game.

Sony3602823d ago

I think you're both wrong. Wait for real reviews first.

Jamegohanssj52823d ago

Fake review. This game is a 2/5 at best.


chilled2m2823d ago

Wow. As of now, five of you actually agree with this idiotic comment?
How can this be anything else but trolling? The game hasn't even come out yet and this kid is talking 2/5..

Ah well, one less person to have to worry about come November 9th

Jamegohanssj52823d ago

Who in the fuck wants to play the same god damn game that gets released year after year after year? You bitches complain aboot Activision and you say you're done buying their games yet every fall you end of buying one. You're all fucking idiots.



PS360fanboy2823d ago

Who wants to Play God of War? I don't know, you tell me!

gtamike2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Black Ops does not look like a big change from cod4/mw2 it looks more like a mod only.

Now this is a big change

getonmylev3l2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I really don't see a big change bruh. still looks fuckin amazing though

Edit: (comment is about your video)

gamer81792823d ago

Figures that people already have it set in their mind that this is a bad game. Why not wait untill it comes out and play it for yourself with a open mind. Then you can give a honest opinion. Don't be a dumbass and claim that this is just like mw2. Its call of duty, of course its going to look a little like mw2. Look at how Uncharted 2 looks like Uncharted 1. But most people agree that Uncharted 2 is much superior. Why not just give black ops a fair chance

AEtherbane2823d ago

Black Ops looks fun. I find it ironic that i was never really excited for MWF2, but im excited for this.

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Call_me_Ishmael2823d ago

woah a 5/5 for multiplayer,and wth,that was a short review

Winter47th2823d ago

Get over it, Treyarach listened to the community and actually deleted/modified most of the problems that plagued MW2.

No Commando is an instant 5/5 by me, and having the guts to delete Stopping Power gives MP a fresh new take & now you need to depend on the +/- of each weapon instead of having a plan B in the form of a perk.

"MP: 5 out of 5. Better match types, less cheating, better experience."

visualb2823d ago

that will only be noticeable when game is being played by thousands on a daily basis over time

lets hope so though

wicko2823d ago

I don't understand why they're saying less cheating. Of course there will be less cheating when the general public doesn't have their hands on it.. Hacks won't pop up until shortly after it's released, makes no sense to expect cheating during a review period.

Winter47th2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

They're referring to Tactical Insertion, it's been shafted from FFA, and the care package spamming glitch, also, Treyarch's renowned for their support for WAW & patching it constantly so expect the same thing for BO.

acky12823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

No commando won't change the fact that knife kills will be glitchy as hell.

Why do you refer to perks as a plan B, the whole point of perks is to give a certain part of your game an advantage.
I really don't understand why some people have complained about martyrdom, juggernaut, double tap and all these perks...they were actually well implemented and could be counteracted by another perk leading to a pretty balanced game.
The thing that's usually unbalanced in cod games are the guns...the ones you unlock are never as good as the ones you start with and there's always one that is disproportionately powerful, like the MP5 in cod4.

Soldierone2823d ago

So they get a 5/5 for purely fixing issues in the last game? You do know other developers release things called "patches" that fix these issues, for something called free?

Not bashing the game, but saying it deserves a perfect score (perfect? really?) just because they released a patch doesnt make sense at all.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx2823d ago

with the 10's being slaped on this game like it's the second coming.not much has changed yet viewers will make excuses for it.

visualb2823d ago

blame reviewers for being too generous with review scores

this applies to many games now days

TengkuAmir102823d ago

Yeah...Exactly...When it's Uncharted 3, or Killzone 3, all of you will be riding up the dev's d!ck but since you get killed too much on MW2 multiplayer, you hate it too much to even talk good about it.

CoxMulder2819d ago

Didn't I buy this game back in 2007??

Looks the same to me..

"but since you get killed too much on MW2 multiplayer, you hate it too much to even talk good about it."

lol thanks for the chuckle..

AssassinHD2823d ago

Actually a lot has changed with regards to multiplayer. The core gameplay is still largely the same, but Treyarch has made many positive balance changes.

wicko2823d ago

Balance is one thing, but the things reviewers say are a bit ridiculous. Sure, it has great MP, but it is not the second coming. I wouldn't say that about any MP game unless it did something really genre defining and unique.

InTheKnow2823d ago

People talk about the " X " factor...not sure what that is but COD has it starting with COD:MW. Black ops continues this strategy and Activision, as of right now has a lock-down on it. Maybe when Respawn gets around to making there shooter things will change but COD is here to's the latest trailer fresh off of XBL...enjoy!!!

chilled2m2823d ago

Really? because when reviewers gave MOH scores hovering around 7, all the fanboys were in a rage and claimed that the reviewers didn't give the game a chance. Now we've got the other camp that says reviewers give artificially high scores to hyped up games.
Which one is it n4g? can't have it both ways.

Sweeet2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

"not much has changed yet viewers will make excuses for it"

Now that just proves your ignorance... a massive amount has changed and since when was anyone making excuses? All I see is people praising Treyarch for actually listening to the community and removing all the bulls*it that made MW2 an aggravating mess.

Here let me list a few of the changes;

No Stopping Power
No Commando
No One Man Army
No Danger Close
No Slight of Hand with Sniper Riffles
No Tactical Insertion in FFA
Shotguns are now Primary Weapons
Wager Matches
Kill Streak reward kills no longer count towards your Kill Streaks, so less camping
Hacker Perk (same as SitRep except now it also allows you to hack enemy equipment and use it as your own)
Customizable looks
Diving to Prone (takes time to recover so can't be used offensively)

The list goes on... yet all you MW2 haters spout crap out your mouths like you know what you're talking about just because want to see Black Ops's fail... So much hate over a game you obviously know nothing about is just sad...

xXxSeTTriPxXx2823d ago

those are called tweaks dumbass.and this is how reviewers will make excuses for it, by making tweaks (something thats done in patches) seem like major gameplay changes.and this is not a morden warfare game, so i don't hate morden warfare dumbass.activision doesn't own the rights to the MW licence, only the COD licence.

cleanhealthy122823d ago

you're a fking idiot.


yes, new story, new zombie mode, new multiplayer maps, new weapons, new modes new perks, new customization, new points system, new theater mode, new inclusion of bots, new streaks + the countless number of FIXES and IMPROVEMENTS over the last call of duty.

im sure you're just one of those losers that hate because in the "nerd world" its cool to think youre a hardcore gamer. youre not, youre small time kid.

im sure killzone 3 is so fking different from killzone 2. (fun fact, cod4,5,6 each on either system have more active players than killzone 2) maybe sony hardcore nerds should talk less and play more?

Sweeet2823d ago

Just because people blindly agree with your first post doesn't make you right, lol. And how exactly is removing major features and introducing new ones considered a "tweak"? You really are kidding yourself if you think you can pass that off as an intelligent thought process. It's an entirely different game made by an entirely different developer you moron, just because it's labelled as Call of Duty doesn't mean it's a carbon copy of MW2 as you obviously believe...

Where does all this hate come from? I haven't seen you post an intelligent thing about Black Ops and I've looked at all your comments. Nada, nothing, just blind fanboy hate which really is quite sad.

Don't pay attention to reviews, look at FACTUAL information then make up your own mind. I know Black Ops will be nothing like MW2 because I've done the research and I'm not an idiot. I wouldn't mind so much if you could attack me with a proper sentence but you're not even capable of that...says it all really.

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mcmmaster2823d ago

OMG...............5/5, its the god damn same game every year

byeGollum2823d ago

Have you played Black Ops?

mcmmaster2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

actually yes it is, modern warfare 1, world at war, modern warfare 2 and this....... all of them, are the same frigging game, they come out every year, not enough time to give the fans a breather, just idiotic fans out there that dont know **** all about the gaming industry (Activision being greedy **** releasing a new CALLLLL OOOOOFFFF DUUUUUUTTTTTYYYY EVERY YEAR), give it a 2 year gap then maybe we could say its not the same game

Same with smackdown vs raw and fifa, all the same games every year with minor improvements

mastiffchild2823d ago

Naturally it's the same damn game. Thing is the reason sports game get away(to some extent)is that squads and competition lists and kits change yearly and people want to see the right payers in the new kits in the right comps in their sports games, no?

COD does'n't have that excuse, does it? No. Also tweaks to the MP and a couple of modes could be released any time as paid for DLC upgrades couldn't they? A decent sized year later than main game release(and have a game every other year)DLC with these changes and upgrades would be better than a full retail release where people are actually paying, mainly, for what's spent on the SP that 90% of COD players couldn't give two craps about. It's a daft set of yearly events to me.

I'm not knocking the quality of COD MP-too many people love it and I enjoy it even if not as my main MP game myself-but just think the yearly gravy train is preposterous and if people looked at5 what they're actually paying for they would baulk a little at buying the same thing every year to a large extent. Naturally if Treyarch/Acti added something proper like dedicated servers(which it's a DISGRACE it doesn't have already on EVERY platform)this year I'd say fair enough but as the main reason , that I've seen, for people to rejoice is that it's more COD4 than MW2 this time round I'm left thinking why not just play COD4 and save the cash? It's still likely to be the best of the bunch anyway.

DTG_The_Man2823d ago

Well, I said it once and I'll say it again. The franchise is crap. They just shove the same CoD game from '07 and say, "Oh, it's different!" and then people buy it. Seriously, people! YOU'RE FUELING THE MONSTER!! (Bobby Kotick)

God, I'm so friggin' tired of this franchise.

360nPS3rTheSAME2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

the monster are the fools who buy dlc that could have and should have came on the disc. Buying the game itself isn't the problem and by the looks of black ops it looks to be more balanced than mw2. Got to give treyarch credit dude. At least they learned from mw2 mistakes

chilled2m2823d ago

lol fanboy rage is so funny to read.

Do you have some sort of personal stake regarding how good this game does? Does the world end if too many people buy the game?
You don't think it's worth your money? No problem, no one will miss you come November 9th