Xbox Killed One of the Greatest Developers in Gaming

"Since the Stamper brothers and Nintendo sold Rare to Microsoft in 2002, it’s been all downhill. Games like Grabbed By The Ghoulies on the original Xbox (later on XBLA) and the severely lacking Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts on the Xbox 360 have shown that even with some success in the home console market, Microsoft cannot sustain a good in-house developer to put out AAA titles."

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GunShotEddy2858d ago

True. Where is Killer Instinct 3?

vgn242858d ago

I have to say it's not Microsoft's fault. I agree there should be a lot more games coming from Rare, but the main talent at RARE came from the Stamper Brothers and the support they got from Nintendo. It's like if someone bought Pixar flatout. Trust me, their movies would lose quality.

Nintendo is the Disney of gaming and helps make better games.

NYC_Gamer2858d ago

the real talent from Rare left the studio along time ago and stayed with Nintendo

Persistantthug2858d ago

Microsoft Killed FASA, DIGITAL ANVIL, ENSEMBLE, ACES, and others.

They managed to run their best developer, Bungie, into the "more loving arms" of Activision (an ironic joke if ever there was one).

So that RARE is a soulless shell of its former self after being bought by Microsoft.....that isn't hard to believe.

I used to wonder why Microsoft didn't buy BIOWARE....but now we can all see the catastropie that would have ensued.

I keep saying over and over:

Microsoft has firmly proven this.

Nodoze2857d ago

Disney has NOTHING to do with Pixar quality. Nothing. They are simply a distribution arm for an IMMENSELY talented studio.

Pixar is responsible for Pixar's success.

As for Nintendo and Rare, I agree 100%.

vsr2857d ago

MS = Buy games and close stodios

Cajun Chicken2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

MS also practically put Oddworld Inhabitants on life support because they dumped publishing them and Ea picked them up with minimal marketing for Strangers Wrath. They published one of two games, but chose the other one, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.

Also, I seriously CANNOT believe they shut down Digital Anvil and was deeply shocked even then. Freelancer even stands a testament today.

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Narutone662858d ago

Ensemble? What happened to them? I miss the AOE, AOM games.

kesvalk2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

ensemble was dismantled a long time ago...

stragomccloud2857d ago

Such a terrible tragedy.
At least members of ensemble reformed there own studio: "Robot Entertainment"

They are developing the new free to play online "Age of Empires" game. I'd still rather have a new full retail game, though.

BeaRye2858d ago

Microsoft has done more for gaming than anyone else PERIOD

heyheyhey2858d ago


come again?

PRHB HYBRiiD2857d ago

dang he got disagrees like linsday lohan got herpes

prettyboy12858d ago


Acquiescence2858d ago

I know you're eager to fan some serious flames with that statement but still, one can't help but shake ones head in disbelief.

InTheKnow2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Rare has created great games that the hardcore demographic on the 360 have not been interested in. The entire reason for the massive investment from M$ was to try and bring the casual gamer to the Xbox hasn't worked so far but hold on to your hats, Kinect is here to save Rare.

Kinect is the opportunity Rare has been waiting for. ViVa Pinata is a great game that has gotten lost in the shuffle and could be a breakout hit with Kinect...same for Banjo N Kazooie: Nuts and bolts. The games have had decent reviews with great game play just the wrong demographic on 360 UNTIL now. Kameo was a fantastic game that would work great with Kinect. PDZ was originally a Xbox 1 game that was ported over to the 360 as a launch title and hasn't really had a chance to get a foothold in the marketplace.

Rare is a critical part of the M$ casual gaming plan and the new logo along with a new headquarters should tell you that M$ has big plans for Rare and their library of games. Kinect, PC and Windows 7 phone gaming will all benefit in the coming months and years.

raztad2858d ago

"Rare has created great games that the hardcore demographic on the 360 have not been interested in" = "Xbox Killed One of the Greatest Developers in Gaming"

BillOreilly2857d ago

I have kameo and love it, i enjoyed nuts and bolts, viva pinata was addictive, and i love the n64 banjos in hd. Rare has done well by me but i miss certain games they left behind. Their 360 games are severly underrated and if those three were on the wii they wouldve sold millions, but i guess those fans stayed with the nintindo consoles. I really cant wait to see what they come up with myself.

theonlylolking2858d ago

Done more good things or bad things?

fishd2857d ago

Well clearly you started gaming on Xbox 360

And not the old model...the Xbox 360 S

DigitalRaptor2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Well with Microsoft it's a strange situation. It's a good thing they were here to challenge Sony as it pushed them to bring some awesome sh*t to the table, particularly this generation.

There's Achievements, which are great and extend a game's value. It also inspired Sony to come out with the Trophy system - which is arguably better.

And then there's Xbox Live - a great, user-friendly service. Overrated in regards to the importance of the system, might I add, but great!

But right now, the industry would be better of without them. Their sly, greedy and back-handed methods have gone way too far and things would be so much better without them.

- Charging for the ability to play games online... and then having the cheek to raise the price.
- Lack of space using DVD9 leads deveopers to cut back on content they might wish to add, and along with this generation the DLC. This has led publishers to find any way to charge consumers and even hold back their content to use as DLC.
- Overpriced add-ons.
- Closing development studios rather than fostering and supporting them.
- Calling out technology as 'not needed' and then releasing a periperal with its functions.
- And right now they've began to shift their focus immensely on the casual gamer, which they can see where the money is. So now the core gamer is hidden away in the back of their minds, waiting for some great exclusive games which probably won't come.
- And finally claiming Kinect to be some sort of ground-breaking, game-changing technology when: it doesn't work very well, it's overpriced and the games are crap.

They deserve to go, along with Activison!

maxcer2857d ago

yea the recent corporate decisions by MS seem evil but before they got into console gaming MS wasn't that bad, we wouldn't have had PC gaming, or even the tools to crate those game.

DigitalRaptor2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Oh and my, did I forget to mention epic scale RROD and other errors that plagued the 360 until very recently (5 years into its lifecycle)? :s

People buying their 9th, 10th, 11th Xbox 360! When has it ever been that bad?

They just seem to want to monopolise everything they can get their claws into, with no concern regarding the quality of their output, their integrity, consumers or the industry.


Yeah, it seem's evil. But it's not - it's just disregard to anything and everything besides their cashflow. Microsoft have done a lot of great things for the the PC market, but a lot of bad things too. But for gaming, I reckon more bad things than good have come form their input.

Moerdigan2857d ago

I totally agree, but I have a long list of negative impacts with few good ones.

biggame9012857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I disagree greatly. Yes, Microsoft has done some good things, but have as many if not more negative impacts on the gaming industry.

And saying Microsoft has done more for gaming than anyone, IMO, is a disrespectful slap in the face to Nintendo, Sony, and everyone else that came before them.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2858d ago

with the money ms has wasted on timed exclusive dlc they could have made conker,pgr5,and killer instinct...or another oddworld game.

labaronx2857d ago

i would have really liked a new conker game

VG_Releaser2858d ago

So many mediocre games from MS when they could have supported RARE.

DTG_The_Man2858d ago

Free Radical anyone? THAT'S the real Rare. Go play TimeSplitters and enjoy it.

yewles12857d ago

Free Radical made Haze, and like that *snap* is no more. Now there's Crytek UK.

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