Retrospective: The Longest Journey (

BeefJack: "April Ryan is a dick. Seriously. If she keeps on speaking like that I’m going to, like, smash her face in with, like, a big metal bar. She’s obnoxious, and naive, and arrogant, and if she were someone I knew in real life I’d probably have to grit my teeth down to sand every time I was forced to be around her. April bloody Ryan. My goodness."

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ElementX2828d ago

Amazing game! I actually played it early last year. It's extremely dated now but definitely worth checking out.

nilamo2828d ago

One of my favourite games of all time, so engrossing and immersive.

bakagaijin782828d ago

Loved this game, as well as Dreamfall (you could probably tell from my avatar if you've played Dreamfall before). I want the story to continue so much, I am constantly looking for news. Alas, it has been MANY years and I'm starting to fear it won't happen. :(

I want it to though. Even if the story is finished in a novel or something. Anything!