From PlayStation to Xbox – a traitor journalist writes

The day Gavin Mackenzie moves from a PlayStation magazine to an Xbox magazine, Sony sends him this image. What are they trying to say?

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Blacktric2771d ago

Kevin Butler (VP Of Sharpening Things) is coming for ya Gavin.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2771d ago

"Seriously, it can take hours just to update a PS3 game."

Seriously? What a load.

NJShadow2771d ago

Yeah, maybe if your using a router located in the other end of your house in your parents' computer room. Then you're kinda askin' for crappy download speeds. But hours? Yeah, that's totally false.

Regular downloads are like lightning with me, though I will admit game updates can sometimes take a bit more time. But regardless, he's just making claims without even stating what his set-up is.

SuperMassiveGav2771d ago

It's a load of truth. As anyone who's played Everybody's Golf: World Tour online knows

CoxMulder2771d ago

So 2 people on this planet know?

anh_duong2771d ago

there is a word for it: banter

tacosRcool2771d ago

I think its because the 360 magazine paid him a lot more money

darthv722771d ago

it isnt so much "hours" but it is a bit longer than updating the same game on 360. I think it's because sony uses a 2 step process. Step 1 is the actual download then step 2 is the install. On a 360, it is like it is installing as it downloads.

Every time I dl a demo (or something) on the ps3 and do a background dl, I have to go and install it after it is finished. You dont have that on the 360.

Why is that?

HolyOrangeCows2771d ago

"Sony sends me this image"

Yeah right. Sure.

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tinybigman2771d ago

Why in the hell did I click on that article? I could just feel brain cells leaving my head lol.

MisterNiwa2771d ago

Man, seriously. The Picture says Traitor, it means YOU ARE A TRAITOR. What else?

How can this prick become an Journalist he doesn't even know what that picture means.


BillOreilly2771d ago

LOL............good times

ExPresident2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

-wasn't paying attention. ;/

SuperMassiveGav2771d ago

Why are you asking why an article clearing marked "opinion piece" is news?

Red_Orange_Juice2771d ago

why? that's an extraordinary question to ask on n4g, lawl

PS360fanboy2771d ago

I like him. Despite working on a Xbox 360 mag, he has a neutral view on both consoles' advantages and flaws.

rezzah2771d ago

Your right, I thought otherwise UNTIL I read the article. He really is nuetral.

SlickShoes2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

What a troll,

"by the way it was only a joke we are friends lol"

My friend called me a cunt once, i didnt take it to the internet, write a stroy about and then say "its OK we are friends lol" at the end.

Fishy Fingers2771d ago

Commenting on your own article Gav? Classy.

Still, fair play, I dont see how this opinion piece can be complained about when N4G is full of far worse crap each and everyday.

SuperMassiveGav2771d ago

Yeah. I like to reach out to my public.

CoxMulder2771d ago

Lets just hope the 360 fanboys take your bait, and your friend forgives you for painting him like fanboy up until the last line.

I'd compliment you on a well written opinion piece, but I've been hearing this same contrived crap from random bloggers since 2007.

Try harder..

catguykyou2771d ago

The used it as a starting point to discuss the real purpose of the article, which is his job to yeah. He was just trying to be being creative.

Christopher2771d ago

Creative, flamebait headline? Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe?

GiggMan2771d ago

The article basically turned into PS3 vs 360 comparison...

Still one question though, as a journalist for a specific console do you not get to play games from "the other side"? If so how do you turn your fanboy on and off? (Well that was two questions lol)

SuperMassiveGav2771d ago

I do, and my Fanboy has an on/off switch. Well, it does now. The PS3 one had a touchpad.

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