WWE SVR 2011: New Online details Revealed

GB writes: "THQ have revealed new details for it online modes. The new online boasts of a 12 player Royal Rumble event along with 18 bots to enhance the overall the experience. THQ have also promised that unlike previous games, all the games modes like Championship Scramble, Money in the Bank, Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble will be latency free."

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Orange Juice2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

WOW nice job thq. Even though features like online rumble shouldve made it into the series by now, I will still appreciate this.

But my question is this - if the game cant even manage a lag free match with 3-4 people, how is 12 people going to work? It might be the laggiest lag fest ever witnessed in a video game unless all 12 people are from the same town. Hopefully not though. Either way, day 1 as smackdown is a yearly tradition for my gf and I.