David Cage debunks Horizon rumours, "unrelated script" used to avoid leaks

GamerZines writes:

In one fell swoop, David Cage has debunked all rumours regarding Quantic Dream's next project, a project outed to be known as 'Horizon.'

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Cloudberry2860d ago

"These apparently detailed that the project would be centred on the lives of a young couple, involving "a curious man very insularly meeting a free woman who is hesitant to exercise her freedom."



Curious about this "curious man very insularly meeting a free woman who is hesitant to exercise her freedom."

CranberryPub2860d ago

Those are the inaccurate details previously reported earlier in the year.

Cloudberry2860d ago

That's unfortunate...

It sounds interesting though...

Qui-Gon Jim2860d ago

It sounds like that was from a script used only for casting purposes. i.e. whatever developer it was used a script that was not related to their project but probably had similar characters and relationships between those characters. That way they can get a sense of how the actors they're auditioning would play the actual characters without people leaking anything. I would imagine that tactic is used a lot in movies, too.

Galaxia2860d ago

Disappointing. The premise of this sounded really interesting. Especially the part about the lady being afraid to exercise her freedoms, that theme for a story would be enough for me to buy it.

Also the whole style of gameplay that Quantic Dream uses would be put to much better use in a Sci-Fi world that one based on real life anyways.

Quagmire2860d ago

Cage shouldve really continued with the Chronicles imo. Especially a prologue to Norman Jayden, since the other three characters had definitive endings, Jayden had the weirdest wtf ending, which deserved to be finished.

Baka-akaB2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Jayden's fate seems obvious enough to me , weither he is possibly alive or even dead . There is one one potential "happy ending" for him

He was warned multiple times of the dangers by the "butler" and saw the signs .

What would be needed is stuff like how and why he fell into that , where did he get the scar froms ...

Redempteur2860d ago

agreeded more chronicles to GET to know the characters..
unfortunatly it was either move version/or the chronicles i wanted chronicles but sony needed something to sell move ..

Acquiescence2860d ago

I always really liked the premise to Horizon; it sounded like it would make a really compelling game. Kinda reminded me of Gattaca a bit.

TroyAndAbed2860d ago

I just want to play it. I'm on media lock-down from anything by Quantic Dream until it releases. Heavy Rain is still my GOTY.

Baka-akaB2860d ago

Why is he even revealing it was a fake script ? When you have confused everyone so cleverly to work in peace , just stay silent until you can reveal your actual work

Qui-Gon Jim2860d ago

Get people looking forward to something, then tell them "No, we're doing something different." Don't want a "Raiden moment."

Baka-akaB2860d ago

since it was a leak those people would be silly .

I think it's more likely a few of the infos were on the money

Qui-Gon Jim2860d ago

Whatever the case, after playing Heavy Rain, I am buying anything that comes out of Quantic Dream.

Redempteur2860d ago

lol i'm like that since the nomad soul ( their first game )

the fact that they don't whore their universe and don't release every year make me like them even more