Killzone 3: First Mech Gameplay Footage is Full of Win

Watch the first mech gameplay footage from the closed Killzone 3 beta.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2856d ago

it's like being inside of optimus prime.

Raf1k12855d ago

I can see people complaining about it's movement being too slow even though it's a mech. Anyway, it looks awesome and really looking forward to playing in it.

Hideo_Kojima2855d ago

This mech was in Killzone 2 back in Febraury 2009

Avatar stole them of Killzone.
(not really but I am sure they didn't get the idea from Avatar)

DirtyLary2855d ago

Is the beta really opening to the public?

If so does it take a code or just download and you're in?

visualb2856d ago

I bet N4G is in partnership with the german site....

bobrea2856d ago


Longrod_Von_Hugendon2856d ago

He's talking about the site, not the video/gameplay. They steal user videos and don't give credit....that and google translate is slow/horrible.

deafwing2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

visualb has a problem with zi Germanz ya :D;

but it will continue to be approved because as the man said "it's gameplay video" and most users just want to see the video anyways. About the stealing - innocent until proven guilty.

iPad2856d ago

lol @ the website link.

Damn right! What a BS of a website

Hideo_Kojima2855d ago

I didn't notice that thats hilarious.

Google translate kinda helps sometimes though.
Its hard to understand but how else would we possibly even read something that is not written in a language we understand.
At list this way we are able to get more articles like this one.

If it wasn't for this article I wouldn't know about this video.

InTheKnow2855d ago ShowReplies(4)
raztad2855d ago

I cant help but laugh at inTheKnow text of wall. Trying to pass his banboy BS as facts.

We got it dude you are "disappoint" LOL.


OT: A lot of gameplay variety to look forward. People that has tried EXOs, jumpacks has said they are fun and balanced. I hope I can get in the beta next monday. Game is looking sick, in all departments.

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gijsbrecht2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

God, how awesome is that. Curious to see how that plays out against real players instead of bots. I guess we'll find out after the 25th. Thanks for posting.

Edit; in 720P it's even more impressive.

dragonsight2856d ago

does the movie robot jox come to anybody else's mind?

ExPresident2856d ago

Wooo score for using old school reference lol.

Video is crazy, and looks awesome. Hopefully these things are completely op tho ;/

deafwing2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

lol i REMEMBER this! OMG I forgot this movie (and for good reason) but damn this takes me back ... bahahahaha

+funny bubble 4 u

xXxSeTTriPxXx2856d ago

bubbles for nastalgic moment

Graey2856d ago

dude....memoriiiieeessss nothing more than memmoorriiiesss hahaha so freakin pimp.

perfectCarbonara2856d ago

haha, Robot Jox, that takes me way back.

bubbles +

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totallysane2856d ago

ISA" hey helghast! look what i have!"
Helghast "Awwww shit. this is gonna hurt"
hahahah can't waiiiiit

MidnytRain2856d ago

I love how agile the mech is. I can't tell you how many mech games I put down just because they were slow, cumbersome, and as a result, boring.

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