Fallout's 'sheer expanse' to blame for bugs

A team of 300 testers couldn't make NV bug-free for launch, says designer

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Mista T2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Putting blindfolds on your game testers is not recommended...
Seriously how could they not have seen them, seeing through walls in some parts of Vault 22 is a prime example.

I love the game though, it's fun. bugs will be dealt with accordingly I suppose

Philoctetes2708d ago

I don't mind little bugs and glitches here and there. Those are to be expected in any big, open-world game. What I do mind is when my console freezes up for no apparent reason. No excuse for that.

tacosRcool2708d ago

Little bugs are a problem just those nice juicy game breaking ones do

Gambit072707d ago

Never froze on me yet, but twice it just quit and the XMB came up, weird.

ChineseDemocracy2707d ago

I've had about 4 freezes in 10 hours now, and at least 2 questbreaking glitches where either the NPCs got stuck or a triggered event failed to happen.

visualb2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

the Come Fly with me mission just...doesn't load the end scene =( I see no rockets, I think the script got badly installed or what...sucked =(

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vhero2707d ago

How about the fact the bugs are the same ones from fallout 3?? They only need to look at the hundreds of complaints on bethesdas own forums to find out what bugs there are!

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TheColbertinator2707d ago

Then it should have gotten delayed.

See? This is what happens when you rush your game to market.

Sarcasm2707d ago

To be fair it's a pretty massive game.

Nahhhhhhh n/m, no excuses for some of the bugs!

Sitris2707d ago

But by what I can see, looks pretty buggy. Will be getting it after exams, but am a little bit worried that it will bug me with all the bugs. Funnily enough, I barely ever had any issues with fallout 3 so maybe I will be ok. But you are right it is a massive world, but as many bugs as it seems is a bit much.

ZombieAssassin2707d ago

Use a different engine, we all know we are not going to get any real fixes just like FO3. I'd prefer UnrealEngine to this crap, either that or steal the engine for RAGE.

Sitris2707d ago

....Sees elder scrolls 5 with the rage engine....


Gilliand2707d ago

Bethesda is the only publisher allowed to use id's RAGE engine

Da_Evil_Monkey2707d ago

Bethesda publishes Fallout...

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