Blacklight: Tango Down gains PSN exclusive content

GamerZines writes:

"Ignition Entertainment have today announced that the PlayStation 3 version of Zombie Studios' Blacklight: Tango Down, due to be released on PlayStation Network next week, is due to include exclusive content."

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )


FAGOL2774d ago

Sadly no one will buy the game this year. 2 late.

BakedGoods2774d ago

Yep, too late. If they would have released it alongside the 360/PC version it probably would have sold better--but 4 months later? No thanks.

BX812774d ago

Did anyone enjoy this game? I couldn't get past the crappy graphics and wall vision.

Statix2774d ago

It's a shame that this game will tank on the PS3. Between it being late and releasing so incredibly close to COD: Black Ops, there's basically no hope for its success. I was really looking forward to the game also, but now I'm doubting whether I'll buy it since it doesn't look like the community/players will be there.

Not to mention it's coming out right ahead of Black Ops, which is basically going to be the SAME THING, except MUCH, much better and feature-packed.

Paradise Lost2774d ago

Too bad it's a tad late, the game isn't very worth the $15 anyway.

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