Does Fable III have a split personality?

GMG comments in non-spoiler-ish fashion on a review build of Lionhead's upcoming Xbox 360 epic.

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HairyArse2825d ago

I'm so going to play this game as the ultimate bastard.

toaster2825d ago

Didn't know this was coming to PC.. Well that's one more game to check off of that 360 exclusives list, loolololol.

I was never into the first 2 Fables so maybe the third one will catch my attention. Hopefully the PC version is not just a direct port.

jimmins2825d ago

Abusing your privilege as recipient of early code. You must be so proud of yourself.

Well done.


Nihilism2825d ago

I don't get it, the entire article you talked about how 'deviant' you are.

What of the game?, or were you not that deviant?