Why Kinect Will Change Gaming

Lawsuit-dodging system the peripheral of the future?

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wat6342651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Its the camera that changes everything, obviously.

Microsoft was lucky not to get run over while creating kinect.

MNicholas2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Kinect being 50% of the resolution of the PS2 Eyetoy means it's imprecise, and a mediocre CPU with limited bandwidth and L2 Cache results in lots of lag.

The video below shows a level of precision and responsiveness that's never been demonstrated on Kinect:

So far none of the actual Kinect games have shown anything that wasn't already done, with less lag, higher accuracy, and more simultaneous players, on the PS2 Eyetoy.

PS2+Eyetoy=$150 (higher precision, more games, more responsive)
Kinect+360=$350 (laggy, poor control, few available games are clones of Eyetoy games)

The only change is higher price and lower performance.

zootang2650d ago

Not to mention the fact that the Eyetoy could have up to 4 players!
unlike Kinect being only limited to 2 players

hennessey862650d ago

was that video meant to prove eyetoy is better lol. Theres a massive difference between being projected on screen hitting what looks like speakers than actuallym being able to control an avatar which mimmicks your every movement. You show me an eyetoy game which allows you to directly control an avatar and ill apolagize and then rip my preorder up and put a picture up to prove it but you wont be able to because you know as well as i do that eyetoy annot do that where as kinect can so stop your trolling clown

zootang2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )


I don't know about the eyetoy but I know the PS Eye can do it

Edit: Picture please!

tinybigman2650d ago

I will believe it when I see it. Sony tried it with the Eye on ps2 and that didn't go anywhere.

bill021382650d ago

There are still people who believe that the Milo "demo" was real?


ct032650d ago

This only tracks the head. Full body tracking is a completely different animal, as any motion capture engineer will confirm. Not the same ball park at all.

darthv722650d ago

as far as MS is concerned. And i dont see why they shouldnt be allowed to do this. It is not like this device now replaces the wiimote and ps move because those are on different platforms. This device only pertains to the 360 and yet so many are either nervous about it or in straight up denial that it can be done.

Just let it go already. The wii changed gaming enough to entice sony to release their motion controller. I dont care who had it is dev first, it is who got it released and stole the thunder first.

MS approach is not going to infringe on the way people play ps3 games so.....why do they still hate what MS is experimenting with?

I know first and foremost that both of these (move/kinect) could more than likely be the defacto standard come next gen. Sony may actually hang up the ds4 in favor of the move/nav and MS will go all out for full interactive controls.

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gman_moose2650d ago

Oh wait, was that article supposed to be serious?

Honestly, Sony could come out with the Dual Shock 17 and I wouldn't give a rats ass, as long as the games I'm seeing on the screen are meeting the standards of the current generation.

If I want to get off the couch and play basketball, I'll GO PLAY BASKETBALL!! Videogames are for couch potatoes, and that's the way I'll always look at it. The only thing they could come up with that I would find useful is a true 1:1 golf simulator, because those are useful in the winter, and usually very expensive.

bill021382650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

accidental repost

tacosRcool2650d ago

The wii already changed the way we game, not some old tech

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slutface2650d ago

There is a reason why Sony and Nintendo passed on Kinect....we will soon see why lol.

R2D22650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

There is a reason why Nintendo turned down Sony on an disk based console calibration.

There is a reason why Sony did not believe in motion gaming like Nintendo did.

There is a reason why Apple sold Halo to MS.

There is a reason why Verizon turned down the iphone.

There is a reason why the Charlotte Hornets traded Kobe Bryant to the Lakers.

See what I did - dont knock something until it comes out.

Move sold well and is here to stay, congrats to Sony. Why can't you people just let MS and Kinect be - if they are destine to fail or succeed let it be.

EDIT @ below: So when the PS3 sales well in Japan its a very important part of the Sony brand but when they makes decision like cutting motion gaming, Sony Japan is the ugly step child.

@Visual - which was my point lets wait and see what happens instead of posting some negative comment on every Kinect article - there is another article above this one that just got approved - look at the comments and see what I am talking about.

TroyAndAbed2650d ago


Sony Europe believed in motion gaming.
Sony America believed in motion gaming.
Sony Japan did not believe in motion gaming.

There's a massive difference.

ct032650d ago

Don't worry, R2D2. A lot of people on here will eat their words soon.

One needs to be quite naive to think Kinect will be a commercial failure. Within 4 months it will outsell Move by 4:1 or more. Feel free to quote this post in February. I will.

visualb2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

you mentioned 1 company abandoning a piece of tech due to it being to expensive/having little faith/ little interest in it.



in "kinect's" case I believe it was 2 MAJOR companies, one of which has A LOT of experience with failed motion controllers AND knows about risky peripherals better than any other company (Nintendo - see Power Glove and Virtua boy)

In all the cases you mentioned, every company turned down a tech because:

a) they weren't familiar with it (Nintendo with disk, Verizon with Iphone)
b) they had no previous experience with it thus were unsure of its outcome (Nintendo with Disk, Apple with Hal)
c) had no use for it (Apple with Halo) .....

so...bad examples there buddy, but I see what you tried to do,but You are right in one thing:

some things that get turned down by one company that are picked up by another CAN become a success, but they don't always - we can only wait and see

Silver3602650d ago

kinect is more than just a 3D camera it is a library of predictive motions based on the works of two phd's. secondly nintendo and sony did not turn down the tech behind kinect. they turned down the 3DVO tech kinect is based on primesense tech. MS brought 3DVO to avoid patent infringements. dont know if kinect will be good or not, but I do know that it is something new. ps eye may look similar but the tech and software are vastly different.

pocketaces112650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

The out come is the same and from what I have visualized the results are similar or not as good with kinect. Regardless I don't see the point to any of this. I believe kinect will do better not because it's a better product only because of the stupid people that will keep bowing down to every product Microsoft makes and they will be left with a bunch of dust collecting camera's in my opinion because the fun will last only a few seconds like with many wii's. For me I've already played in one week more on my move then I have ever done on my wii so that's all I need to know. As well I don't feel like bouncing around like an idiot like all the celebrities Microsoft keeps showing us playing kinect not one has made me think this looks like fun.

BabyTownFrolics2650d ago

cant wait to hear why some of you wont be buying kinect and how much it sucks for the millionth time.

also dont tell me i'm inviting negativity, I'm just hoping that by calling it out people will stay civil just to spite me.

visualb2650d ago

am I missing something?

bustamove2650d ago

This is a discussion. D-I-S-C-U-S-S-I-O-N.

I don't see anyone saying Kinect sucks and they won't be buying it. I see interesting debates that are criticizing it. Again, the reason why people are questioning Kinect is because it appears Microsoft is abandoning the hardcore.

FragMnTagM2650d ago

Microsoft XBOX brand was built with like 80-90% hardcore gamers. If they abandon them, I am sure they know the consequences. Look at Nintendo. They got all those huge initial sales and (mostly) forgot about the hardcore and look at it now, nobody ever plays except on rare occasions.

I highly doubt they will stop releasing hardcore games.

bustamove2650d ago

I see a discussion. I don't see anyone saying it sucks without a valid reason.

I beat half of you who are defending this to death won't even buy it.

pocketaces112650d ago

Nobody discusses here they just argue back and forth with fluffy BS I don't know why I even try to have a discussion someone just get's defensive or sites a hole bunch of things they think is fact with no proof.

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Stealth20k2650d ago

physical controls are the only way to play games