Fatal Inertia: Eurogamer Preview

A few races around Fatal Inertia's varied environments reveals that there's a far closer parallel to be drawn than WipEout. In fact, in many regards, the game departs dramatically from the WipEout formula - especially in terms of its tracks, which are criss-crossed with shortcuts, obstacles and so on, a far cry from WipEout's carefully crafted smooth-walled tunnels.

As such, the parallel Eurogamer ended up drawing after about half an hour with the game wasn't with WipEout. Instead, it was with Mario Kart - a game which the development team profess to be huge fans of, and one to which Fatal Inertia may well be a surprisingly solid next-gen homage.

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Genki4125d ago

I've been looking for a future racer to fill the void left by F-Zero X(sorry, WipEout ANYTHING doesn't hold a candle...), and I was hoping this would do it upon hearing about it.

A few previews and a delay later, it pretty much dropped off my radar. I like what I read of the gameplay mechanics in this preview though, and hopefully I'll see a demo on the PSN sometime soon.

MK_Red4125d ago

I'm still intrested in this game simply because it reminds me of Plane Crazy, a game that I still love after all these years.

vaan4125d ago

Is this coming out on PS3? I think this game looks cool. I love future racers, I always have. Ever since F-Zero on the SNES.