Resolution: Lionheart: Kings' Crusade review

Resolution's Steve K Peacock writes: It would be very easy to write off Lionheart: King’s Crusade as a Total War copycat. There is a certain similarity between the two games’ battles, that much is true, but whereas Total War is playing the simulation card, Lionheart goes for an altogether more different experience. Lionheart is all about the figureheads.

Lionheart is set during the Crusades, that most bloody of times when Christianity first really put the boot in against Islam, the Pope summoning all the Christian nations and Europe and pointing them squarely at the Holy Land. You can take up the mantle of Richard the Lionheart, famously brave king of England, or his noble and wise opponent Saladin, and lead your armies across 16 territories, coating the sand with the blood of whichever heathen it is you don’t like.

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