Kinect and The Fall of Hardcore Gaming

Hey, “Hardcore” gamers, I know you’ve been spending the past couple years fighting to the death over what defines hardcore gamers, but I’m here to tell you your efforts have been for vain. “Hardcore Gaming”, whatever it is, has lost the battle. Casual Gaming, whatever definition the internet’s message boards have decided for that, has won.

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big_silky2741d ago

know why casual games are taking over? they're effin fun, that's why. i have more fun with plants vs zombies, angry birds, peggle, etc, than the brown and grey shooters that companies keep shitting out.

most gamers who call themselves hardcore are in fact faux hardcore. they may read n4g daily but they're buying the same exact shooter and sports games the mainstream is buying and relegating the actual "hardcore" games to rental status. read this very site, there's every excuse under the sun not to support a game meanwhile a casual will actually go out and purchase every bejeweled clone they can find.

if you ran a company, you tell me which market you'd aim for; people who actually buy products or those who pay lip service to the hobby?

"I'm a hardcore gamer"
"did you play vanquish?
"nah, too short"
"how about enslaved or castlevania?"
"nah, too short. i'll rent 'em"
"did you get medal of honor?"
"hells yea!"

casual gamer-

"sweet, a new hidden object game" *purchases*

AKissFromDaddy2741d ago

I own Vanquish, Enslaved, Castlevania and Medal of Honor but I'm a minority consumer when it comes to playing more games and doing a blind buys. My species is dying to the casual gamers because the hardcore ones talk too much and play less games, lol

THE MAX SPEED 212741d ago

Why do you have 1 bubble Big Silky? You made a very Valid poim that reflect most of todays Gamers. Lemme help you with a bubble +.

deadreckoning6662741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Alot of the people who constantly complain that Kinect has no core games are FANBOYS. If they are so concerned about core games....why are the expecting a casual product to satisfy their hardcore needs? Thats 100% retarded. Yeah, Microsoft SAID they would cater to the hardcore, but of course they'll say that...its good PR! When your selling a product, you want to do ur best to capture ALL markets and niches. Take a business course.

And this is specifically for the people who bitch about Kinect not having core games. You want core games...the 360 and PS3 have dozens of great hardcore games between them. If thats not enough for you, buy a DS and if THATS not enough for you buy a 3DS. There are TONS of hardcore games on the market and coming to the market for HARDCORE I don't know why Kinect is expected to appease the hardcore.

"Casual Gaming, whatever definition the internet’s message boards have decided for that, has won.

The signs are all around us. World of Warcraft recently touted they've reached a subscriber base of over 12 million."

So this guy doesn't think World of Warcraft is a hardcore game? WOW..this dude doesn't know which way is up. The hardcore gaming scene has been losing to the casual market for more than DECADE. After the Nintendo and Sega generation, games have become much MUCH easier to complete.

I still haven't been able to beat Contra 2 for the SNES, but I was able to beat MGS4, MGS3, MGS2, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 1, RE1,2,3,4..well you get the point. Games to ACTUAL skill to beat back then.

TheBlackSmoke2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Really its MS who have done this. They said controller less gaming is the future, they showed all those staged demonstrations that they could not make a reality. They planted the seed in the minds of impressionable young halo kids that kinect was almost like a new platform.

They took the hype machine too far and it cant deliver the promise, that's why people give it shit.

edit: games that actually took skill, or games that were difficult as a by-product of the time they were made in? The 8 and 16 bit-era was the time of 3 hour long games with a trial and error gameplay philosophy. You would rather we had arcade style super short games just for the sake of feeling hardcore?

TheBlackSmoke2741d ago

Actually you just described USA 360 owners but w/e

AceofStaves2741d ago

I play a lot of casual games as well. Hidden Object titles bring back my nostalgia for the 'Point & Click' adventure genre. There's something to be said for having games you can play that are fun and inexpensive.

What's the metric used to define a 'Hardcore Gamer?' To me, it's the amount of money spent per year on games, accessories, and consoles. The genre of the titles purchased means nothing. It's the money the gamers invest that is the best definition of hardcore, imo.

And Casual Gaming is ridiculously profitable, with a massive userbase. Console manufacturers and the developers of console games would love to have a fraction of the casual/social gaming market.

TheBlackSmoke2741d ago

Its one of those things that you know but cant effectively define. I think like you, that the difference is the investment in to the hobby,and so naturally hardcore audiences have games that are more complex and layered to suit how adept they are with the control. Casual games are basically low skill requirement, low commitment, and because of this unfortunately for the most part lower production value.

The only way I could appreciate casual games is if I gave up hardcore gaming forever. I can enjoy a casual game in a party scenario but even then im just bored after the initial premise has been discovered and the reality that my skill has no meaning makes me question why im bothering.

ChickeyCantor2741d ago

Hardcore = money spent?

What happened to oldschool fashioned: "I play allot of games! Therefor I'm a hardcore gamer"

My lil bro getting to level 691 with tetris is "HARDCORE".

Not the BS people spout out today.

Ares84PS32741d ago

I own Enslaved, Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Medal of Honor. But I play all kinds of games from sports to RPGs to puzzles and family games. I think being hardcore means you spend a lot of time playing games and you know something about the gaming least what games will come out next week or something.

kingboy2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I have to say i admire you're logic and the way it's broken down cogently with solid points backing the reasoning,while the hardcore nowadays flock upon the call of duties leaving the other genres in the wilderness in extinct the casual on the other hand tend to buy everything fun across the boards.

ChickeyCantor2741d ago

I dont know you, but imma poke you a neew bubble.

tacosRcool2741d ago

Doesn't that guy look like most Americans gamers?

By the way hardcore gaming is a hardcore as people make it

dirtydbz2741d ago

along with max I gave you a bub up too
I am by nomeans a hardcore gamer I own a ps3 and I just don't want to play hack and slash button mash like mad games
I perfer strategy and role playing games but I do indulge in the occasional fps
I like the idea of motion gaming also and have already got my move setup

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crocs2741d ago

unfortunately, this is true...

Nihilism2741d ago

Hardcore gaming is a f-ing myth, I have been gaming since NES, owning every nintendo console and handels, PS2, xbox, and pc gaming all along, I play every genre of game and I consider myself a casual gamer. If you play games competitively, maybe you can earn that title. Play games online does not= competitively though. If you are a gamer of some renown.

AceofStaves2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I agree. This 'hardcore' vs. 'casual' mentality is too narrow-focused. Casual/social gaming isn't a threat to the industry. If anything, it can provide some much-needed revenue, which can then be invested in titles that appeal more to those gamers who consider themselves 'hardcore.'

I don't understand the anger directed towards the casual audience. Some casual games are true gems - great examples of how you don't need to spend tens of millions of dollars to create fun game experiences.

EDIT: Have a bubble.

soundslike2741d ago

"Casual/social gaming isn't a threat to the industry. "
The lack of difficulty and the general aversion towards frustration in games begs to differ. Games that should be difficult are getting dumbed down by focus groups because developers now have to appeal to "everyone". Look at how well that works for hollywood movies.

ChronoJoe2741d ago


And sure, as the article says. As with movies they'll still be a lot of niche productions, but how big a budget do those titles have?

AceofStaves2741d ago

This 'dumbing down' has been occurring since the 90's - long before the rise in casual/social gaming. It's not a new phenomenon.

Mastering cabinet games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man took an incredible investment of time, effort, and money (a quarter at a time). The people who achieved that level of mastery were "hardcore" gamers, if we define 'hardcore' by difficulty.

If today's gamers who call themselves 'hardcore' don't want their hobby opened-up to people who don't put in the same amount of money, time, and effort as they do, they have to buy games and support the industry. The consumer determines the direction of the industry, like it or not. Companies will follow the money - and there's a lot of money to be made in creating games that don't demand too much from players.

Some games still provide the steep learning curves some gamers crave, but some people play games just to relax or be entertained. They don't want something so inaccessible and frustrating that they feel they want to throw controllers around.

soundslike2741d ago

"Some games still provide the steep learning curves some gamers crave, but some people play games just to relax or be entertained. They don't want something so inaccessible and frustrating that they feel they want to throw controllers around."
those casual(autopilot) games should indeed exist no doubt, but you have to ask yourself in what scenarios do people find frustration a "downside". An action fan may come to an rpg and complain about the inventory, and a casual fan may come to an action game and complain about how they can't kill anyone, so they remove the inventory(Mass effect 2) and buff the grenade launcher (MW)

Kurt Russell2741d ago

Crap article imho tbh irl.

spaceinvader2741d ago

He said 'moist' in the article...

Great write up IMO!

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