Gran Turismo 5: Five Minutes of Monza Footage

A new Gran Turismo 5 video shows some new monza gameplay footage.

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Jaybad542741d ago

Every day, the same torture! I cant take it anymore

Jamaicangmr2741d ago

I was thinking the same thing the moment i saw the title.

Orion2741d ago

It's a worldwide famous Track in Italy...

linko18-19902741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

What he said.

Jaybad542741d ago

Lets hope he was joking and move on :P

Sheddi2741d ago

Why all the hate?
I didnt know that either, I dont watch racing or anything like that.
I love GT, completed gt3 over 80% and love watching top gear.
Not everyone knows everything.

bigboss9112741d ago

i guess everyone is on a hair trigger in gt5 threads because of the constant trolling.

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Graey2741d ago

I didn't know what Monza was but could hazard a guess being that were talking about racing. Can't be to much to speculate about. That being said...damn I want that fucking game. wait can i say fucking...hmm

Taz Yamauchi2741d ago

I totally hate that 3rd person view isn't there another one where I can see my car upclose like in gt3 and 4?

Si-Fly2741d ago

Real racers use road cam or bonnet cam, try it you might like it!

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