PlayStation Move is an abject failure

Play-mag: "If new hardware can only manage one million sales in a 30-day period, it’s clearly doomed to failure. Clearly. The internet told us so."

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ClownBelt2826d ago

Read the article before reporting. It's stating the very state of the internet not just N4G mind you...

Agent-862826d ago

Ya, it's more of a satire piece that uses a provocative title to throw you off. However, some people just have a hard time getting it and will just comment based on the title.

360nPS3rTheSAME2826d ago

that's truth. If they stick to sports champion type casual games then that'll be good. It WILL fail in the hardcore department tho. As I've said I love my move but playing a hardcore game with it.....dont make me lol. Trends and motion controls don't make me dumb and blind

Ju2826d ago

No, they don't. You already are, it seams.

Bobbykotickrulesz2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )


lol better stitch up those seems, guys.

Sarcasm2826d ago

I, Sarcasm, hereby approve this article.

hot4play2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

"Provocative title" as in DESPERATE FOR HITS.
Obviously an article to counter the "Kinect Red Flag" article.

From the article: "This is an abject failure, naturally."

Author is highfaluting much?

And to add to that:

"I missed the European sales figures, but they only add 1.5 million to the overall number so it’s clearly nothing important. "

1.5 million is not important??

A highly opinionated piece downplaying Move's success just in time for Kinect's launch. Article fail. :)

*Or am I missing the point of the whole article? It's hard to tell nowadays with these "journalists." :)

AfroMan6232826d ago

"One million units is a failure, because some people on the internet said so... Get a grip, internet."

If that doesn't tell you its satire... well... I just don't know anymore :(

Syronicus2826d ago

The sarcasm that is. This is by far one of the best bits of hardware out there and it will have legs and sell very well over the upcoming months. Anybody that says otherwise is an idiot.

Anon19742826d ago

I'm really surprised at those who just read the title and then start ranting. Read the article. It's sarcastic and in no way thinks that Move is a failure, quite the opposite.

hot4play2825d ago

Oh...I see....damn that was STUPID of it. XD
(shrinks in embarrassment...)

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visualb2826d ago

satyrical but not over done, and very true

" One million units is a failure, because some people on the internet said so. One million units is a failure, because we all know things are incapable of sustaining – god forbid increasing – sales over a number of years. "

lol =P

Ilikegames762826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

who started it.
"This game didn't sold 4 million day one, clearly it's a flop".
"This game console is in last place, it's doom".

Rainstorm812826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

+Bubbles Ilikegames

Very true a certain group of people deemed 4+ mil in sales or a flop and now gaming has changed.

LAst Gen so many Great games released to avg sales yet were fantastic titles.

ICo, Shadow of the Colossus, GOW 1 - 2 (yes GOW was not a ps2 system seller), Okami, Viewtiful Joe, The Mark of Kri, Jade Empire, and Rouge Galaxy just to name a few.....

Everygame wont be a sales monster like GTA , GT, or Halo

tacosRcool2826d ago

Most games are over hyped to sell like crazy, as only a select few get over hyped really crazy and makes people buy the game or they'll be left out of the crowd

Graey2826d ago

I was wondering what you thought of MAG. Would you classify that as a Hardcore game. Not bashing just interested in what you consider a HCG to be. Also could you give me an example of what you would consider a HCG.

*HCG=Hard Core Game

BrutallyBlunt2826d ago

It really is a quick reference guide to how terrible the media plays into all of this. Many gamers read the headlines now and that's it. Many also just skip right to the score of a game review and that's it. They neglect the smaller details and instead get consumed with all of this pessimism and become that way themselves. It's like a pendulum that keeps swinging based on getting reactions.

bviperz2826d ago

State of the internet brought on by Microsoft. Always touting sales, sales, sales and using more money for advertising than research, development and smart investments. All so they can take your money and tout sales, sales, sales. It's a vicious cycle.

Eddie201012825d ago

The article is total sarcasm and is basically mocking the internet idiots that try to spin the moves success into a failure.

It's pretty easy to see that this is sarcasm just by reading the article but in case you are not smart enough to see that, read the tag at the bottom of the article just before the comments section. Also note that this site is a PS3 fan site.

Moonboots2825d ago

Hot4Play: Nah, you mis-read is mean to be satire and full of sarcasm. Unfortunately, the Kinect Red Flag garbage was very real and of course taken as gospel which is the same thing this is poking fun at regarding Move.

So really, it's a bunch of hypocrisy...

I agree the bashing is stupid but then if I said this in another motion control article I don't think the response would be the same.

FamilyGuy2825d ago

The sarcasm levels...

THEY'RE OVER 9000!!!

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a08andan2826d ago

I lol'd a little :D Funny piece and the same time so very spot on :P

jjmustoe2826d ago

its 2.5 Million not 1 Million

visualb2826d ago

thus, many US centric articles.

starvinbull2826d ago

The way that games are reported on is vastly different in the world as a whole compared to just the USA. The 1,000,000 figure is a great example as is the assertion that the 360 is selling vastly more than the PS3 month in month out.

The Wood2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

The internet tells us a lot of stuff...has been since this gen started especially against 'them' if you know what i mean. The worst thing about the fud is that Move actually works, very well in fact and has a wider range of game types covered than any other motion control. The fud wont stop reality. We'll just sit and laugh at the pushers. Fud/Hype no matter what console or peripheral its aimed at doesnt change reality. Move is selling just fine but MORE IMPORTANTLY it WORKS VERY WELL..

tinybigman2826d ago

That im wise enough not to believe anything, everything I read on the net; and that I can use my own brain to see that 2.5 mil sold is a pretty damn good start.

I don't want to hear about this shipped crap I paid off my preorder and the only piece I could take home was the Nav because the Moves are sold out. The north american region is pretty large so making sure it was evenly distributed so even places like small towns got in on the action. So no I don't want to hear about they have them in the warehouses.

DanSolo2826d ago

Yeah that pretty much sums up the dumb attitudes of so many people these days!

Good article!

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