Why Gran Turismo 5 Would Be Better On 360

X360 sifts through the tealeaves and reveals why Gran Turismo 5 would find a more comfortable home on Xbox 360.

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Karooo2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

which is an exclusive and uses its strength. GT fanbase is on the PS3 just like FF.

360 doesnt even support DFGT, G25, G27 whats the point.

/facepalm article


PSN is great with a lot of dedicated servers, GT5 supports 16 players races. it isnt 2007, PSN is equally good

GreenRingOfLife2708d ago ShowReplies(22)
Agent-862708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

In addition to not supporting the best racing wheels, a 360 version would have to be on multiple discs since GT5 is most likely a very large file game.

TrevorPhillips2708d ago

Off Topic - Are you my other half brother :P

On Topic - GT5 is a gigantic game and will not run on the 360, not even a chance..

Agent-862708d ago

No, not your half-brother, but a fellow Agent. "Missed it by 'that' much".

shadow27972708d ago

You have no idea how glad I am that your avatar is of Don Adams and not Steve Carrell. Props for history, my friend.

vsr2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

should definitely contact a mental doctor

No Bluray,
Cant do 1080p
Cant do MLAA
No HDMI 1.3
No 3D
Especially No LONG LIFE to play 24 hour races

HolyOrangeCows2707d ago

Oh look! It's with another xbox fanboy article.

HSx92707d ago

you would just need 100 CDs for the xbox.

AtatakaiSamurai2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

.. people still think games like forza and project gotham are "sims"? i'm sorry but ms has been playing their base for fools for far too long.

360fans, if you want to know what a sim is first go play a game like V8 racing coming out on your system. It's not the best but it'll give you a clue. and no, you can't paint da hood with master chief's booty or any of that midnight run type stuff.

if not, if you have a pc try a game like GTR series and get a clue what a sim is. and no, test drive IS NOT a sim.

if you have a chance to play on the PS3 then get games like Ferrari Challenge or even Car Challenge. they didn't score 10/10 by your almighty reviewers you love so much but when you play these games then play forza you'll understand that forza is NOT a sim but an arcade/sim mix like games like PGR or test drive

calling forza a sim shows ms has successfully fooled people into thinking it is a sim and secondly that it's in the same level as Gran Turismo which so is miles from reality it makes my head hurt.

ms marketing strategy is a 100/10. they are the masters of marketing.

Dee_912707d ago

the author is secretly bashing the xbox

who approved this

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commodore642708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Flamebait? Yep. Obvious.

Note, however, that this thread is still full of ps3 fanboys diving into the flames in order to defend their precioussss.
like moths. kind of.

Ju2707d ago

Well, you had to try, C=64, right ? I mean, try to spin it, right? But I am surprised you could admit to the flamebait.

EvilBlackCat2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

it wont be a real simulator either anyway

@ the poor creature below

iRacing (real Sim)>>> <<<


Dude please!!!
Shut Up!
Remember GT5 is The Real Driving Simulator

Its not only a Sim... ITS REAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!

ALL THIS >>> "Oh wait, what's that you say?
You CAN'T get rid of the PERMANENT ACTIVE-STEERING that's in Forza 3 at all times? It's not even part of the optional driving aids? It's just how the game is and the way the cars are supposed to handle in the game?

Oh my. That's not very realistic in comparison, now is it?
No wonder tire grip and handling feel somewhat odd in Forza 3.

Personally, I don't like letting the game steer for me. I don't want it stabilizing the car and locking my steering, keeping me from making sharp corners like in real life. I want a fully responsive car.
It's fine if I'm drivings my kids to school, but not when I'm on the track in a racing car :) "

is a copy paste

Did you try Forza 3?

I never said that Forza 3 is a REAL SIMULATOR


BUT i been saying for months that Forza 3 is the most closest sim racing game (using a fanatec) on consoles to what you can find in PC simulators.

I DOUBT that you played Forza3 especially using a fanatec wheel.

MariaHelFutura2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Which game should I choose then? Enlighten me.


Poor creature? On N4G (in bubbles) I`m 5x the person you are. I imagine in real life it`s pretty much the same way. Hurry up only got a few minute left to edit. XD XD XD.

EDIT: LOL, It awesome you think any videogame is **REAL**. You need to find you way back to REAL life.

ShinMaster2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Again, do us all a favor and try to turn off all the assits in Forza 3.
Then come back and talk to us about physics and better simulation.

Oh wait, what's that you say?
You CAN'T get rid of the PERMANENT ACTIVE-STEERING that's in Forza 3 at all times? It's not even part of the optional driving aids? It's just how the game is and the way the cars are supposed to handle in the game?

Oh my. That's not very realistic in comparison, now is it?
No wonder tire grip and handling feel somewhat odd in Forza 3.

Personally, I don't like letting the game steer for me. I don't want it stabilizing the car and locking my steering, keeping me from making sharp corners like in real life. I want a fully responsive car.
It's fine if I'm drivings my kids to school, but not when I'm on the track in a racing car :)

Forza is no better sim than GT. Get it through your thick head.

NO GAME is truly a REAL simulator. They would have to be like this:
All this trolling is NOT fooling anyone.

Mocking the game's subtitle of the game still isn't getting you anywhere dude. Just give up. You have NO GOOD ARGUMENTS! All you do is mock, period.

renegade2708d ago

when you're talking about a real simulator your talking every thing of realism that includes the exact looks of cars and courses realism in physics etc.They can program gt5 with that hydraulics mecanism for sure it, i bet Yamauchi have one those in his house hook up with Gt Lol.

Redrum0592708d ago

gt5 a nonsim, and this is coming from a guy who is a fanboy of forza?
i hate the forza3 understeers

please evilblackcat, dont buy gt5, i would hate to find ppl like you in the gt online community.

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rukia_chan2708d ago

"Why Gran Turismo 5 Would Be Better On 360"



MariaHelFutura2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Boring. It would look worse and have 1/10 of the content.

It would be more interesting to imagine/talk/bicker/discuss what Halo would look like as a PS3 exclusive.

ShadowJetX2708d ago

It would only be better for M$, seeing as they like to charge the developers and consumers for extra discs in a game, plus all the charge for all the DLC that Kaz and Polyphony might want to release.

In the end, it's Win - Lose situation, with only M$ benefiting and the consumers and regular joes losing out.

It would be more interesting to actually play the game, but I can wait ya'know, since this is the actual 2nd time it's been delayed yeah.

Steve_02707d ago

Now there's an idea... Halo could translate pretty well, if not better on the PS3. Although I'd imagine Live might have a few features that PSN doesn't in regards to online multiplayer, but they'd have fewer limitations with the core game at any rate.

number472708d ago

This isn't even an article?

OneSneakyMofo2708d ago

Gran Turismo 5 would tank on the 360. Know why? It doesn't have a crosshair.

Odin7772707d ago

Just have Master Chief with a warthog or something then BAM you've got 3 million sold in a day.

likedamaster2708d ago

Game already looks good on console, imagine on PC? It'd look amazing. It'd probably play better too.

TengkuAmir102708d ago

PC with the stupid keyboard and the feel of the dumb mouse would only make GT5 look worse. Anyway, Polyphony Digital is owned by Sony, so you can just dream all you want about your stupid PC. If GT5 could play on the PC, then you better need an upgrade now cos 80% of online PC gamers still play on Windows 98 systems.

Modestmex2707d ago

Hell yeah it would be perfect on pc such a waste of a game racing sims should be on pc where its meant to be played!

Incipio2707d ago

Tengku, that was probably the stupidest comment anyone will ever read. Windows 98? Are you mentally challenged?

Also, ever heard of a racing wheel? And multiple displays? Racing sims are awesome on PC.

PS360fanboy2708d ago

The Final Fantasy fanbase is on the PS3? I could swear there were way more FF titles released on Nintendo consoles than anywhere else...

oilahize2707d ago

I could swear the highest selling FF titles released on Playstation consoles...

Scary692708d ago

For this Article is funny LMAO, wtf approved this piece of crap. no surprise though anything is possible in N4G..LMAO

fr0sty2708d ago

why GT5 would be better on 360, where it wouldn't have free online, 1080p (without upscaling from 720p), 3D, and would come on 4 discs.... yeah.

Brawler2708d ago

This article is satire /facepalm they did the same thing with starcraft 2 people take stuff seriously wow

tinybigman2707d ago

And the idiots who believe this crap. You'll excuse me if I don't want my favorite racer to be dumbed down and on 4 discs lol.

MNicholas2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Forza 3 cannot support more than 8 cars with around 50,000 polygons (actual data from LOD files extracted from the Forza 3 disc, selection screen models are about 150,000 polygons).

GT5 renders 16 cars with 200,000 polygons (in-game models) with full interior rendering, animated driver, etc,

Transparencies (very resource intensive) are plentiful on GT5 but sparse in Forza 3.

The big difference is the Cell processor which is faster at running shaders than the Xbox360's GPU.

The developers of Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 revealed some comparative performance numbers between the Cell and the 360's GPU.

Anti-aliasing (DLAA): Cell is almost 30% faster than the 360's GPU

* Xenos GPU: 2.2ms +/- 0.2ms @ 1280x720
* Cell (5 SPUs): 1.6ms +/- 0.3ms @ 1280x720

Motion Blur: Cell performs twice as fast as the 360's GPU

* Xenos GPU: 2.2ms +/- 0.4ms @ 1280x720 (5-11 samples)
* Cell (5 SPUs): 1.4ms +/- 0.5ms @ 1280x720 (16 samples)

aliveinboston2707d ago

I got your LODs right here. A lot of people convert these to mod other games.

Forza 3

LOD0: 172753 polys-selection screen only
LOD1: 45074 polys
LOD2: 21802 polys
LOD3: 13134 polys
LOD4: 6360 polys
LOD5: 2556 polys
Hi-res cockpit: 79845 polys

Shadow Flare2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

So you're saying when forza has 8 cars on track, each car averages 50,000 polygons per car? And GT5 with 16 cars hits 200,000 polys?

Where did you hear that GT5 uses 200,000 polys per car as well? Kaz yamuachi said it was 500,000

Kazunori Yamauchi: “We had maybe 300 polygons in a car in the first game. Now we have about 500,000 polygons in each car. Back then, pieces of the car were more like symbols. Now they are real and reflect light.”

OpenGL2707d ago

The Cell processors does not handle pixel shading better than the Xenos, or even the RSX. It might have the extra power to give the PS3 the edge overall, but it is in no way more powerful than a dedicated GPU.

aliveinboston2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Thanks for posting those numbers from the developers of SWTFU2.

It's amazing that the Cell is that much faster at running shaders (a set of software instructions, which is used primarily to calculate rendering effects) than the 360's actual dedicated GPU!

Especially the fact that it came straight from the guys who made SW:TFU2, I mean, seriously, who are we to disagree?

They even provided actual numbers.


Now I understand why GT5 looks so much better than anything else.

Modestmex2707d ago

No one wants to hear this mumbo jumbo!

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bustamove2707d ago

*facepalms at title and article*

No, just no. The 360 has Forza. That should be enough.

acedoh2707d ago

We would only get half the game because Microsoft does not care about quality. They just want the product out no matter if it's half finished or not. That is why Forza comes out every couple of years.

vhero2707d ago

Somebody who wrote this article is really jealous and comes up with crap like this
"You’ll be able to drive a fake car"
Erm so kinect is a better alternative to a pedal and wheel now?? I really don't think so..

gypsygib2707d ago

And don't forget the game would be on 5 discs.

AEtherbane2707d ago

Would it be better on the 360?
Im sorry sir, your argument is invalid, I put ice-cream on my waffles.

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Ilikegames762708d ago

to play GT5, buy a PS3 to play it on. Same thing with Halo or Forza, if you want to play it, get a 360.

zimain2708d ago

its not out yet so you'd just be wasting ya money

least forza is here for us to "appreciate" I know I do

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )


And also Kazunori should add some Weapons, Grenades and with the First Person Perspective with Nitro in the cars, and the driver should be a guy with steroids, that is how it would sell on Xbox.

Ilikegames762708d ago

be the new Twisted Metal Jaffe is doing and it's also available only on the PS3.

CernaML2708d ago


Yeah that pretty much sums up Twisted Metal.

BYE2708d ago

Don't forget jetpacks.

hennessey862708d ago

gt5 belongs on the playstation and forza belongs on the xbox simple as. Not to mention the fact the 360 would stand no chance of running gt5 mainly due to the fact of the sheer size of the game.

darthawesome902708d ago

I think the guy who wrote this article is on crack! lol