Review Round-up: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

In the formidable wake of BioShock and its outstanding critical reception, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – regardless of the series reputation that has gone before it – really needs to be something special considering that the first-person shooter genre has so recently been utterly redefined and re-imagined.

However, if you had to pick an FPS franchise that could follow the wonders of BioShock and even stand a realistic chance of eclipsing it, well… Metroid Prime would certainly be on the shortlist.

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ktchong3741d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

GameTrailers - 96%
IGN - 95%
1UP - 90%
GameSpy - 90%
GameDaily - 90%
GameSpot - 85%

and, one that's missing from the round-up:

Nintendo Power 100%

unsunghero283741d ago

Delete the comment.

Or someone will delete it for you.

mistermostyn3741d ago

As the editor of GamerSquad, I'd like to thank the above poster for pretty much removing any chance of traffic profit from this post.

We add our news and articles to N4G (providing the site with its content) in return for the opportunity to give our own material exposure and have N4G's readership click through to the source. For a review round-up, slapping ALL the scores into the comments thread negates that completely.

Thanks again.

WaggleLOL3741d ago

"pretty much removing any chance of traffic profit"

Sounds great. Nothing could be better than review sites biting the dust like EGM/1Up are about to do.

No one cares about listening to what some little punks with agendas have to say about games. You leeches on the gaming world are obsolete.

fopums3741d ago

well, I always click the link before reading the comments, so hopefully a few other members follow suit.

somebody just get a mod to edit the comment

MK_Red3741d ago

Great work GamerSquad.
And just like BioShock, GameSpot has the lowest score. According to GameSpot, Metroid deserves 8.5 and WarioWare deserves 9.

BrotherNick3740d ago

haha really? Maybe it is biased for casual games now, that's fine cause I know where to find good reviews on them, and I'll look on the other sites to see the hardcore stuff. :P

neogeo3741d ago

for the very first time.

Prismo_Fillusion3741d ago

click on the Full Review link and actually look at the GamerSquad website! Even if you've seen that stupid first comment. Thanks for rounding up (not the mathematical way) all the scores so far!

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