Killzone 3 Beta: 11 minutes of pure awesome gameplay

Gamersmint: Wow, just wow.

We have more than 11 minutes of Killzone 3 BETA gameplay and we are at a loss of words on how to describe it…simply put, it’s AWESOME!

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cyborg2893d ago

that's pretty neat man! :O

monkpunk12893d ago

Its really good, this is the beta that i have played the most out of all of them i have ever been involved in i.e. lbp1, lbp2, resistance 2, socom, killzone 2 and loads more. one to watch for next year believe me, just playing this beta has made me pre order in preperation for next year.

once the very few small problems are ironed out this could be a truly epic multiplayer experience.

GreenRingOfLife2893d ago

but i noticed a lot of bugs in the video but dont worry its just a beta

thief2893d ago

Fooled me there, actually opened up the video to see what bugs you were talking of, couldnt see any - and then I saw who wrote the post

DirtyLary2893d ago

Open beta to the public? Is this true, just download and you're in or do you need codes?

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gryfindor12893d ago

My PS3 is gathering dust right now. And the GT5 delays just make it worse...but this video comes by...and february is suddenly so so so FAR.

Cant wait.

ClownBelt2893d ago

Put a cloth on top of it, so it won't gather dust. At least, that's what I do...

Unicron2893d ago

Mine gathers dust since I don't ever move it.... too many games being played on it to bother disconnecting it for even a minute.

visualb2893d ago

Whats with all he BOTS =( anyone explain? too few playing beta? whats up with that?

B-Real2062893d ago

At the moment the games seem to be kinda empty for me. The most I had was my first play through last night at 8v8. Just got done playing a 2v2. That was Guerrilla Warfare. I haven't been able to join a game of Warzone tonight. The 25th is when more people get to join though. Lots of fun though and great looking.

prongs1232893d ago

PS3 is soon gathering momentum. It's only a matter of time, before the tide of PS3 will once again rise!

Nihilism2893d ago

yeah dude...most people, even on this side, have learned to tone it down a bit, you're 2 years late to the circle jerk.

B-Real2062893d ago

.........should I put my penis away or?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Lol at 7:05.

The first thing I will try is the Multiplayer with PS Move.

Then the Campaign.

Can't wait!

wdeath2893d ago

Good stuff, CYBORG!!!! Cant wait to KILL

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