New ModNation Racers DLC Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that the previously revealed ModNation Racers downloadable content (DLC) will be making it’s way to the European PlayStation Network next week. Featuring three new component packs, the DLC will be available for free for two weeks.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Getting ModNation Racers soon.

This game is one of the most funnest Multiplayer game in the console.


I just sold my copy to a friend. The single player is great as it is the customization but I simply don't have the time to tap that potential and I'm not that much into casual racing so I grew bored of it and decided to get money for other game...

That one used sale I'll probably repent later on! LOL

TroyAndAbed2646d ago

I'm a huge MNR player!

Why would anyone buy DLC for it though? We custom make everything already.

Redempteur2646d ago

For free for 2 weeks ???

Paradise Lost2646d ago

Need to pick this up very soon.

OhMyGandhi2646d ago

did they fix the load times?
I am not trying to start anything by the way, just wondering.

I liked the game, but those damned load times killed it for me.

Paradise Lost2645d ago

I've read that they patched the loading times, so they should be improved by now.

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