Killzone 3: Stunning Operations Mode Footage, New Screenshots

The new gameplay video shows some impressive Operations mode footage from the new Killzone 3 beta. New screenshots inside.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Good video.

Can't wait for Killzone 3.

This German site is re uploading the videos?

DirtyLary2856d ago

How will that cut scene effect gameplay? You'll be in the middle of a fire fight and it just ends?

TRU3_GAM3R2856d ago

this is the real killzone i was hoping for, not another generic cod BFBC style, i bought ps3 just for this, but it ain't, so that's why i'm buying crysis 2 instead.

Headquarters112856d ago

WOW that E3 trailer looks like crap compared to how Killzone 2 looked in the final product.

Rybnik2856d ago

Don't fool yourself. It does not "look like crap". There are effects and animations/interactions in that trailer that have yet to be displayed in any game to date (including Crysis). Specifically: the complex volumetric fire, differing colors/ density and ever changing shape of smoke, each explosion had a different shape and pattern varying in color and consistency, yet all of these effects appeared completely volumetric, and finally the HIGH degree of tesselation applied to just about everything. This kind of fidelity and the kinds of physical interaction indicated by that target render will only become possible once voxel rendering takes over poly/ rasterization. As it is now, everything must be faked. The sweet thing about voxels is that they can be compressed-even down to a sub-pixel level and then be given the attributes of real molecules. Seriously, all the major Graphics guys, Tim Sweeney, John Carmack, Even Cevat Yerly from Crytek all see that using a voxel based renderer is the only way to feasibly approximate real physics/ interactions in the near future. It even allows the ground to truly have dynamic qualities.. Please check out what this very ambitious guy is doing if you don't believe me (or these pioneering graphical masters).

Now, regarding Killzone 3, it obviously looks a lot better than Killzone some ways it does exceed the quality of that E3 trailer the troll above you posted. The MLAA anti-aliasing and post-process effects are stellar. To GG's credit, for polygon based rendering, this is near or at the pinnicle of what is currently possible and the engine is obviously squeezing out an enormous amount of power from the PS3. The texture quality, illusion of depth, animation and effects are truly incredible. GG has in KZ3 a product with way more atmosphere and believability than even Crysis 2 on PC, even if the explosions are lower resolution (than PC C2) Also, the art is way better. But, like I said, till we have hardware that can run something like the Atomontage engine at this fidelity, we will continue to have games that look pretty great Crysis, KZ2-3, Gears 2-(especially 3) Halo Reach...yet these are all still somewhat limited in the level of environmental and character interaction that both the Motorstorm and Killzone E3 2005 trailers suggested. Leaving behind polygonal rendering seems to be the only way us gamers will truly see a game deliver those promises fully in the near future.

Call_me_Ishmael2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

whoa im sold on this and thats just for the multiplayer,the recoil looks awesome
and cutscenes in multiplayer ohhh yeahhh

snowb4202856d ago

It's a lot of fun, but there is almost no recoil. It's hard to tell the difference between firing from the hip and aiming down the sights. Also it's a lot easier to kill people, health seems cut down by like 30-40% compared to KZ2. If anyone has any questions, reply to this comment or PM me. I'll try to answer as best I can.

B-Real2062856d ago

I also magically got into the beta. It is fun but the games seem a little empty at the moment. Looks cleaner then KZ2 and seems to play a little faster. So far just been messing with the medic class. Pretty sure it will pick up in a couple of days when the public beta starts.

grailly2856d ago

I was wondering, are there any noew weapons? or weapon customization?
I didn't stick to killzone 2 for that long because there weren't enough weapons, once I reached the sniper, I pretty much stopped playing

snowb4202856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

There is a couple new weapons, there's the silenced full auto SMG thing, and a triple barrel pistole kinda like in Uncharted 2. However most guns are pretty different then in KZ2, for example the shotgun now has a dot sight, and the rifle has a scope (no zoom though). I don't think guns are customizable. But hopefully GG will add more.
EDIT: Also instead of the grenade launcher from KZ2, there is a single shot grenade launcher that you equip as a sidearm.

grailly2856d ago

ok, thank you. It'a a bit disapointing, I thought that I wasn't the only one complaining about the limited number of weapons from killzone 2. I'll still get it though.

so there are:
2 assault rifle
2 SMGs
1 shotgun
3 pistols
1 sniper
1 grenade launcher
2 rocket launchers
vehicles, jetpack, etc
is this lit correct?

snowb4202856d ago

As far as the beta is concerned it's
2 LMG's
4 Pistols
1 Rocket Launcher
1 Rifle
1 Sniper Rifle
2 Assult Rifle's
1 Shotgun

Unless i missed something that's all they put in the beta. Well besides vehicles and the Wasp mounted rocket launcher.

funkycoldmedina2856d ago

Is it still 16v16? I liked the chaos of KZ2 so I'm hoping they didn't dial down the player count regardless of map size. Also, how is the controls if any different from KZ2?

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Hanif-8762856d ago

OMG, the graphics are just gorgeous.... i think we have a new graphical brawler!

B-Real2062856d ago

The graphics are really crisp!

a08andan2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

What I do like is that this is gonna be Move-enabled which for me is kinda a big thing. I've never been very good at fps's and I think that for me, Move is gonna make it easier to aim. I have never really liked shooters at all. But when I get my ps3 I am gonna give this a try :)

TimeSkipLuffy2856d ago

It might be easier to aim but it won't be easier in general if you have always played with the DS3 before. Especially playing multiplayer might be frustrating if you can't get the Move do what you want to do in seconds.

I own the move myself but I am not sure it will be successful in modern FPS games... hopefully it will though...

raztad2856d ago

I encourage you to try a08andan. MOVE WORKS well and it is a lot fun in FPSes. I use it to play MAG and I dont feel like using my DS3 again.

At first it feels unnatural because you are so used to DS3 and its fixed reticule at the center of the screen. Give it some hours of practice and MOVE will become second nature.

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