Sony PSP tops 2010 list of ‘most returned tech gadgets’

1. Sony PSP – 6.2%
2. Kindle – 5.7%
3. Apple iPad – 4.9%
4. Microsoft Xbox 360 – 4.8%
5. HTC Desire phone – 4.6%
6. iPhone 4 – 4.5%
7. Sony Reader eBook – 4.2%
8. TomTom satnavs – 4.1%
9. Motorola Bluetooth headsets – 4%
10. Sony netbooks – 4%

Research and purchase return statistics from the UK’s leading discount voucher code website has found the top ten ‘most returned tech gadgets’ of 2010.

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Cratos87802825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

look who is at #4.

@ big_silky: but PS3 isn't in the list!

Rot_in_Fail2825d ago

who would return a PS3, unimaginable

Shang-Long2825d ago

Lol not really damage control since it is fact. Psp at 1 and 360 at 4..

zootang2825d ago


You know the PSP has sold 60m right?

NewsForMe2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I see 3 Sony devices on that list. Too bad Xbox 360 owners have been known to buy a new Xbox 360 at a store and put their RRoD console in the box and return it.

MovieScouse0072825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Micro$oft count refurbished consoles, that they dispatch as replacements for RRoD consoles, as a sale!
This is the only reason the console appears to be doing so well.
If any other company tried this we would be outraged, but because it's Micro$oft we shrug our shoulders and mutter "oh well, typical".

maxcer2825d ago

lol i have done that with all three of my rrod's, i know its fraud but its also a crime for MS to put of such shitty hardware. tit for tat i say.

2825d ago
kneon2825d ago


Where did you hear this crap? They cannot report replacement of a defective item as a sale. The SEC would want to have a few words with them if they tried to pull that kind of thing.

Gameland2825d ago

I know SOME people with BANNED or RROD xbox360 consoles ARE returning/switching because A co-worker bought one of these banned consoles at the store.

Coogi2825d ago

I know more people then I could count that done this.

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creeping judas2825d ago

Any proof to back your claim?

nygamer282825d ago

i understand that but when your first comment is look whos at #4,not only tiur off topic but its pure damage control,but if it made you feel great about ya self then good

Mr.Mister2824d ago

there is more sony product than m4 product and look who no1. at least now sony can be no1 at something....
btw where is wii i though that wii is teh doom

Imperator2824d ago

Need a tissue? LOL, dude you sound like you're breaking down there.

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big_silky2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

how odd that most of those are touch screen devices. either they just happen to be hot items or touch screens have problems.


A related survey of 1,833 people by found that 62% of Brits have returned technology purchases in the last year, with 34% suggesting that ‘disappointment’ with the purchases was the main reason for doing so.

probably alot of people giving into peer pressure or advertising and having buyers remorse.

@cratos- look who has 3 of the 10 items listed.... cram the fanboyism you're trying to inject into this.

Cloudberry2825d ago

Great games library, in my opinion.

JRPGs haven beside Nintendo DS'.

darx2825d ago

Who returned theirs?

Cloudberry2825d ago

I have my PSP since 2009.

darthawesome902825d ago

I have not but I wish I did. In the 4 years that I have owned mine I have only bought 2 games and I consider myself a hardcore gamer. I hope Sony comes out with better games for the PSP2.

Awesome Hardware but the majority of the games suck (not all but most)

Imperator2824d ago


Well that's you're own choice man, becuase there are plenty of great games on the PSP. You're just limiting yourself.

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imoutofthecontest2825d ago

I wish they'd "return" them *to me*. I want backups in case the next ones don't have backward compatibility. I like a lot of PSP games and functions.

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