Medal of Honor - The PS3 Attitude Review

Overall, we did walk away from Medal of Honor somewhat pleased but it really left us wanting more. It’s a game that fails to deliver its own identity and thus, fails at creating an experience people will remember. This reboot of the franchise is certainly not a total loss and there’s a lot they can build on from here, but we were really hoping for something greater. If you’re a big time Call of Duty or Battlefield fan that’s looking for another option, you may want to wait until the next installment.

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Calm Down Sunshine2774d ago

I disagree, I believe it does indeed deliver It's own identity, It didn't get carried away with itself, and it did well to retain a sense of danger and vulnerability throughout most of the game, unlike several other games that could be mentioned.

There was no feeling of being a one man army, which was refreshing, or any 'end of the world' scenarios.
It was all about the little people, which I feel made it more engaging.

However.. The length of the single player story really let it down, if it was double the length, and a little more difficult, I'm sure it would've been recognised as an outstanding game.