Gameroni: Fallout: New Vegas review

Tom Chick writes: "Fallout New Vegas simply doesn't work. I'd estimate my Xbox 360 locked up maybe once every two hours. The problems started to progress from occasional freezes to recurring freezes in the same place. My last ten hours with New Vegas have been spent troubleshooting, or going back to replay from earlier saves in the hopes that I can somehow work around a crash. But my last problem has effectively brought the game to a screeching, inglorious halt."

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Raptura2889d ago

........ F?

I personally haven't experienced glitches myself, I'm lucky. Set aside the glitches and look at the overall game. If the game glitches so much that it's unplayable wait for the patch to review the game. The glitches do not warrant a failing grade.

shammgod2889d ago

unreal...obviously he didn't play for too long