Can Games Tell Stories?

Kotaku: "The first topic we’re tackling is Video Game narrative, and joining us we have James O’ Connor, a regular contributor to Hyper, Games Editor on Mania and PhD candidate currently writing a thesis on, you guessed it, video game narrative."

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coolbeans2894d ago

I always enjoy a controversial subject like this. Guy trying to get his PhD makes a really good case for defending Gears story (you read that right). I guess a case could be made for it since it does have a trilogy of books now.

CombineElite2893d ago

The AC 130 gunship was my favorite part.

Video games can tell stories and more or less have some of the best stories this side of Hollywood except many stories have too many cliches like you know, save that whore of a princess for the thousand time.

Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl: a fictional story based on a very real place but very cool.
Half life 2: Just who are our benefactors and why are they here?
Crysis Warhead: sorry but I'm dying to know what happen to Prophet when he went back to the Island by himself

Drjft2894d ago

Everyone should check this piece out.

Call_me_Ishmael2894d ago

wow really good article haven't read one this good
in days really worth checking out,btw yes games can
tell stories,im positive they're making a movie style
game,just look at uncharted 2 and heavy rain or halo

N311V2894d ago

I agree, uc2 and heavy rain have a great story(s). I'd add red dead redemption, god of war (as a trilogy), uc1, and castlvania (so far).