Microsoft Launches A New Games For Windows Marketplace

In a move to counter the growth of Steam, Direct2Drive and other digital services, Microsoft announced today a brand-new online storefront for PC titles, the Games for Windows Marketplace. The company is looking to make purchasing new and classic PC titles even easier and more intuitive with a brand-new design. The site is scheduled to launch on November 15, 2010 with a wide variety of launch titles from your favorite PC publishers and recurring special offers, like the Deal of the Week.

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donniebaseball2708d ago

They've tried so many times, telling PC gamers that they're serious about PC games again, but at this point MS probably will never be able to catch Steam.

Nihilism2708d ago

If M.S wants to do anything for PC gamers they could start by never putting GFWL onto another PC game again.

NYC_Gamer2707d ago

MS might as well leave PC gaming alone

Saryk2707d ago

I think MS is feeling left behind, poor babies. Should have climbed a board sooner, screw’em.

Letros2707d ago

Still trying to push GFWL? MS, you're not going to succeed unless you bring some awesome games to the platform, it's as simple as that.

ultramoot2707d ago

The funniest part of this is that they're trying to match Starcraft 2 sales on PC with their crappy line-up of poorly-ported games. I say good f**king luck with that. LOL!

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