AMD Radeon HD 6870 Reference Disassembly Guide

Justin Robinson of Atomic writes a guide to "show you how to pull apart and improve your shiny new 6870 card's thermal performance."

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CombineElite2824d ago

I know they have good intentions but this is a BAD IDEA.

1. Taking your card apart instantly VOIDS your warranty.

2. You should never dismantle your card until you know it fully works. I would think that you should run the crap out of the card first for 30 days and update the drivers first before taking it apart so at least you feel it works before you VOID your warranty is better than doing this on a whim fresh out the box.

3. I've owned many GPU's and the only time I take them apart is to watercool.

4.Voiding your warranty for 5 degrees is dumb as a firmware update or increasing fan speed can do the same thing without VOIDING your warranty.

5. Artic Silver works better than Noctua NT-H1 paste OH did I mention taking your card apart will VOID your warranty.

6. The HD 6870 already is one of the lowest heat producing mid range cards ever made so VOIDING your warranty for 5 degrees lower than 68 Celsius is DUMB. is lame cause they tell you to VOID your warranty then overclock your GPU. very bright idea.