Marvel Vs. Capcom Looks Like It Might Suck. Hard

Rich Knight from Game Blend isn't too excited about MvC 3: FTW, stating that character selection and "dumbed" down controls could ruin the franchise, he goes on to say that...

"MvC2 is one of my favorite games of all time, even higher on my list than most of the Mario games that have shaped my life forever. I even ranked it as the greatest fighting game of all time, so you can imagine my let down when the trailer makes it look like total booty."

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I LOVE GAMES2827d ago

?????????????????????????? WHY???

Yi-Long2826d ago

... but I HATE the art-style/direction for this game.

I am a HUGE fan of MvC2 for Dreamcast, but the new one just looks meh to me. The characters seem a bit too plastic realistic 3D. I don't like the character-models, I don't care for the colors, and even the fonts (text) used in the game look very disappointing.

I'm a big fan of SF4. I'm a big fan of Capcom. I'm a big fan of Marvel. I'm a big fan of MvC2.

But MvC3 sadly does absolutely nothing for me so far. Which is a shame, cause you'd think I'd be all over this.

I really prefer the art-style that MvC2 had, which is MUCH closer to both the comicbook-look as well as the 2D capcom look, and thus also stays much closer to the characters. So I'll just stick with MvC2.

Baka-akaB2826d ago

again mvc2 was hardly closer to the comics ... it was great but looked like a manga version , wich is understandable given that it was mostly japanese artist's takes on everyone . Only a few artists in the comics industry back in the 90s had art of the same style .

Anyway , it seems clear to me that MVC3 is trying to keep in touch with current comics artstyles , hence the color and inking style .

I wasnt a fan at first , given the discrepancies between the 3d illustration models , wich are actually cool , and the ingame ones wich were too rough , platsticky , shiny yet dark ...

But if you look at current version it's already looking better and better , as they promised .

At first in shots and videos , everyone and their clothes had a weird shine and glow , as if they all had plastic and metal armor , and indeed was the game dark .

But on the builds they have shown since the reveals of x-23 , magneto etc , it's way better and for the most part fixed , hell color came back in force .

VandimionX2826d ago

Actually, aesthetics aside (personally not a fan of the new art style) I think what kills this game for me is that EVERY game clip I've seen is littered with low FPS and screen tearing. WTF capcom, you can't release a MvsC fighting game in that condition. If it doesn't at least run at a constant 30fps with Vsynch it's not worth anyone's time.

Really though, it should run at 60fps.

vhero2826d ago

I wish they just made it 2D with the old art style of previous games and added a ton more characters like the did with the second game that would have made it a lot better. Plus maybe improved to HD.

crzyjackbauer2826d ago

i wish capcom would stop adding characters that i dont really give a crap about

like that dog from okami and frank west
i mean they've only shown up on one or 2 games and capcom goes and drops them into MVC3

wheres samonoske from onimusha?
wheres Virgil from DMC3?
wheres the punisher?
capcom is really f*cking-up imo

Baka-akaB2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

and there are probably people who dont give a crap about wich characters you wants ...

Just like back in the 90s no one asked for marrow , shuma gorrath , amingo , sonson and a few others among the huge array of marvel and capcom characters .

It's not a vote , and even if it was , i bet you might be surprised and no like the roster list coming out from it .

Der_Kommandant2826d ago


Because is Capcom

SkyCrawler2827d ago

I thought the simple controls were an option?

Either way I think its great that there are simpler controls for casual fighting fans.

cyguration2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

fans the reason a lot of games kind of suck this generation?

I imagine with PS Move and Kinect about to make a big move in the industry, they could sway how favored franchises like MvC could evolve. And if casual gamers are always the aim of hardcore labeled LPs then we would end up with casual iterations of once core-centric titles. I imagine this would probably be a stepping stone for Capcom.

Look at what happened to Forza and Splinter Cell in an attempt to appeal to casual fans. <_<

Baka-akaB2826d ago

the author fails either way . MVC2 was already ultra accessible and easy to pick up for casuals ... that's the main reason for the button layout .

They managed the same in tatsunoko with an even simpler layout of course they would go that course .

The depth is still there , dont expect most people to even think about the combos showns in the available videos of mvc3 or to know how to do them

CrzyFooL2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

what the hell game have you seen!? I've seen/played MvC 3 a number of times now and even though I suck at it, it's fucking awesome. Begone troll!!

Edward-Kraken2826d ago

Spencer sucks hard! Yeah I hate Generic Commando. Total waste of character slot imo.

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