September Top 10 Software Sales in the UK , Sports Champions Numbers

Software sales for the month of September in the UK were split down the middle between the PS3 and 360. September was also the month when Sony’s PlayStion Move went on sale in Europe.

While Move hardware may have topped the million mark in all of Europe since it’s release sales of the Move exclusive Sports Champions were less than stellar during the month of September in the UK

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blackburn52857d ago

Sigh. SC is included in the bundle. So of course sales would be off for it because no one counted the ones sold with it. If for instance. 400,00 SC bundles were sold that would equal 400,000 copies of it sold.

TheLastGuardian2857d ago

Then why is wii sports the highest selling game of all time? It came with the wii and people counted it as 1 wii sports game sold per wii.

I don't really like Sports Champions. It was fun for a little bit but It's pretty repetitive. It's not hardcore it's just hard. This is the first game of this generation that I haven't been able to beat.

PostApocalyptic2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Uh, just a little side note....but Sports Champions UK sales are standalone of this game. Why would any person buy the standalone game when they get the very same game in the starter pack? The 38,000 are the ones that already had a PS Eye and bought the Move controller and this game separately.