Gamespot: Today On the Spot - Sonic Free Riders demo'ed by Sega

Today On the Spot! Gamespot get our first Kinect demo with Sonic Free Riders.

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THE MAX SPEED 212705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Like it or not Sonic free riders is one of the few 1st kinect games that actually work and looks decent.

Bigpappy2705d ago

Looks like it works great for Sonic on Kinect. No shame in borrowing right guys.

PandemicPrawn02705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I'm keeping an eye on this.
Looks like a fun pick up and play arcade racer.

Titanz2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Its the developers who have to create games with thrilling experiences.

People say Move is the evolution of the Wii-mote(I know, ridiculous huh?), so I guess Kinect is the evolution of the eyetoy?(If you disagree, then you're basically a hypocrite, because comparing Move to the Wii-mote is like comparing eyetoy to the Kinect).

Kurt Russell2704d ago

It looks shit. Didn't make a single corner without smashing his tits on a wall. All above are foolish.

Bigpappy2704d ago

What are your thoughts on "AntiGrav"? Do you know of it?

Kurt Russell2701d ago

Wtf are you trying to say?... What the hell does the concept of "AntiGrav" have to do with anything? The guy pinged off every wall around the track. Every bit of gameplay footage has been the same... someone pinging off wall to wall. The game looks crap, Sonic AllStar Racing will remain better than this when it comes to a fun cartoony racer.

This game looks shit, as first stated.

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