Full Playstation 3 Anniversary Event Details

[email protected] Writes: "On November 17th it will officially be four years since the launch of the Playstation 3. Four years since the big launch day with titles like Resistance: Fall of Man and Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. To celebrate this anniversary [email protected] is holding a special event. Live interviews, giveaways, and a tournament are all a part of this special occasion so without further adieu here are the details!"

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HOSe2831d ago

sony should put mgs4 on the psn for free that day... for everyone!

phatak2831d ago

lol. that would be awesome, but I think it should resistance : fom. It was that game that helped me pass through the rough times in 2006. But now i have a backlog of games to finish lol

akiraburn2831d ago

At roughly 32-33GB in size, I don't think that would be fun for anyone, haha. Sony's servers would be under a ton of stress with everyone trying to get it that had the HDD room, and downloads would take some people days to complete. Another title would be cool, but I don't think MGS4 is a possibility.

Convas2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

It took me 10 hours to download Fable 2's 6.6GB. MGS4 would take me 3 maybe 4 days.

Godmars2902831d ago

Can alway hope for a trophy patch.

FACTUAL evidence2831d ago

My mom's B day is the same day. Never forget ps3 launch...I wanted my mom to buy me one on HER B DAY...screw her gift the ps3 is worth it loll.

TroyAndAbed2831d ago


That's yo mama! Respect, suckuh!

coldfoot2831d ago

It would be a proper time for that

InfectedDK2831d ago

Almost seems like yesterday.
Those 4 years has flown away.
And still the PS3 is as new as yesterday.

tacosRcool2831d ago

They should just release GT5!

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TroyAndAbed2831d ago

Haha. It happens, man. Bubbles for a great suggestion!

house2831d ago

maybe mgs3 for free on that day that would rock or zone of the enders 2 those are not to to big

IrishYamato2831d ago

Just release the PSP2 already.

TroyAndAbed2831d ago

I wish we all got one free PSN game published by Sony. We get to choose which one, of course.

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