CVG: A conversation piece

"We can't talk about that right now."

Not true. You can - you just won't.

"I think we're getting a little off topic."

There's a reason for that. You're getting boring.

"We're really just here to talk about the game. We'll be happy to answer any other questions at a later date."


The above three quotes will send fury down the knuckles of any games journalist worth his or her salt.

The first two are staples of a certain, frustratingly obedient breed of developer - they have a script, and they stick ferociously to it. They often work on huge games. Ask them anything outside the confines of the three levels/multiplayer map/multi-format deal announcement that brought you together, and the conversational walls shoot up.

These people do not discuss anything but their product. They are single-mindedly fixated on the sell.

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