Bitmob: Fallout: New Vegas Review

Fallout: New Vegas is an amazing game. It has basically only one major drawback, and sadly that drawback is an integral part of the game. It's a game that has the ability to pull you in with the amazing voice acting, story, and scene progression. Although sometimes it may make you want to through your mouse/keyboard/controller/remo te/move/wii/tv/grandma out a window in frustration.

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CrzyFooL2891d ago

So Dan Hsu talks about people having to pull bad reviews all day, then gives the game a 9. lolwtf.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2891d ago

seems pointless to bitch about something only to love the very thing you bitched about.after reading the tweets he put up i thought he would give the game a 6 or something.

RememberThe3572891d ago

He was trying to bring a little awareness to a practice that is unbecoming of a major publisher.

He wasn't referring to the quality of the game only that the publisher was strong arming reviewers into removing their reviews until the New Vegas ad campaign was over. His reviewer liking NV had nothing to do with it.


Not at all.
A little 'awareness'?....smokin g is unhealthy.....yet I do it....but I strongly disagree with the tobacco industries strong-arm tactics.A little 'awareness' and I can smoke with a clear conscience.
Nice try but no.

SlickShoes2891d ago

Wow, who proof reads these things?

"Although sometimes it may make you want to THROUGH your mouse/keyboard/controller/remo te/move/wii/tv/grandma out a window in frustration."


NickX2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

The problems with reviews today is everyone wants in one the action, and for smaller sites the only way to get noticed is to troll the shit out of a game in your review. I'm guessing it's these reviews that Bethesda want pulled, the ones that are just trolling for hits.