Playstation 3 Firmware Wishlist

[email protected] Writes: "Let’s be honest, there are a lot of firmware updates for the PS3. Sometimes they are big updates bringing new features while other times it’s just a simple security fix. Well here is a wish list from the [email protected] team for what we would like to see from some of these updates in the future."

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Hellsvacancy2710d ago

PS3 wish list? thats more like sum sort of holy-grail searchers list, gonna b a long time b4 we see all of those

And they missed "add MORE visualizations to the music player"

syanara2710d ago

its not realistic by far but it would be really cool if. this is just like a what if article.

KingKiff2710d ago

X game chat only make gamers worse off because everyone talks to their friends lists in private little parties and not the people they are actually playing with at the time. So you get a whole room full off people on COD, Battlefield or Halo and hardly any in the game is talking to each other.

Silly if you ask me and thats all I seem to encounter when I play 360 online.

Steven212710d ago

hell yeah auto syncing trophies would be amazing. i dont know how many times i have lost trophies due to this especially at the end of february this year when i had been playing tons of heavy rain and i lost all my achievements due to the stupid leap year thing

deadreckoning6662710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

1. Faster everything.
2. Access to the Playstation Store and the Internet Browser while in game.
3. Access to the Internet Browser and Playstation Store simultaneously.
4. Ability to download demos, firmware updates, and Playstation Store goods WHILE in game.
5. Ability to change system, sound, and accessory settings while in game.
6. Trophies can be redeemed for Playstation Home dollars.
7. Cross game voice chat
8. Dedicated Party System for all PS3 games.

@Factual Evidence- Good call on the custom avatars.

Megulito2710d ago

these are all useless why do so many people want bs features???

nickjkl2709d ago

2 impossible to many resources being taken up
3 useless
4 its up to devs i have demos finish downloading when playing ff13
5 why
6 nooooooo
7 ........
8 thats way to expensive do you know how much that would cost a few games sure but for every single ps3 game would be economically unfeasible

also custom avatars would destroy the ability for sony to sell avatars while alowing people o have x rated images in their avatars

raztad2709d ago

I would like a very lite in-game XMB. Just featuring your trophies, Quit the game and friends list. That would be a lot faster than the current implementation.

A better browser is a must.

The idea of unlocking something if you plat a game is not bad per se. I can imagine a dynamic theme or something like that.

FACTUAL evidence2710d ago

Voice messaging- This should of been there day one.....I don't see why we don't have this yet. It only does what's the excuse for this?

PSN ID change- There should be no reason not to have this. My 360 has been doing this since day 1, I know it's POSSIBLE to do this.

OFFLINE profile/Multi-log in- Why can't a power house system like the ps3 cannot do this? If you don't have internet on the ps3 it seems as if you're using a ps2, but the only difference is that you can earn trophies. I would like it to be like this, once you EVER make and log into your PSN ID, the USER on your PS3 is stuck with you ONLINE ID permanently, so you can see your profile offline, and also choose to change your avatar.

Custom avatar- I know things could get out of hand, but sony has recently made a report message feature, they could easily make a report profile tab just in case someone has a bad avatar. It takes a snap shot of the person's profile as soon as you report so if they try to change sony will see that they really did have a bad avi.

Better profiles- The online ID sucks.....face it, trying to justify it is like saying N4G trolls aren't trolls. It's not too bad, but when I really sit down to see my pro, it looks like I'm beta testing PSN.

Last but NOT LEAST!

X game know what...nevermind. I'm done waiting for that. It comes when it comes.

Black-Helghast2710d ago

Trolls are trolls...Yeah i like my ps3 and all but all the features you just mentioned NEED to be aplyed to PSN. I wanna talk to my friends while i play some God Of War 3 or some inFamous, How about some Heavy Rain or Uncharted? GOD, ps3 really needs to update!!! >:O

tacosRcool2710d ago

The XMB is just fine and doesn't need to be changed. I know how everybody says that the 360 dashboard is so much better but in my opinion its too cluttered. The XMB is simple and nice so no changie

Corepred42710d ago

i agree. i think the xmb is wayyy easier to navigate than the 360's. when i got my 360 like a month or two ago i was so lost i didn't know where to find setting or certain things. that plus those damn ads! x game chat i don't care about. what i would really want is some voice messaging. tired of typing all of the time. oh and make universal music mandatory! other than that i'm not sure there's too much i can realistically ask for. internet in game could cause a lot of freezing up but who knows.

The_Nameless_One2710d ago

Same here bud. I don't know why fans keep asking for that. Like you said, it's simple nice and not intrusive. There's a reason why the XMB actually won an award. All the 360 NXE managed to do is clutter itself up with ads. MS never had good taste or originality for that matter.

AXOi2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

• Patch updates & details for games should come up in the xmb like the iPhone's App Store does.
We should be able to make a selection and download them without having to put the disc in.

• Ability to set notifications. Multiple alerts for unread messages (the small mail symbol on the top right during in-game will do the trick)
I don't want to be notified every time someone signs in and out.

• Better PSN profiles. They look shocking, and the level should display much quicker.

• While the PS3 is on idle, it can create thumbnails for videos, these thumbnails can begin from the center of the video rather than beginning where the usually is a blank screen)

• Video size & resolution should be displayed in the xmb without having to click info.

• More in-game music support

• PDF Viewer

• MKV File support

• BETTER subtitle support for AVI's

• The ability to go back and forward within messages.
• Or just a better messaging format overall

• More apps like YouTube, Facebook

• PS Blog EU & US integrated into the XMB (like that other notification thing on the top right that never really helped much...)

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Myst2710d ago

Pandora or would be awesome either or in my opinion and YES in-game support as well but this all deals with the developers actually allowing the feature I think? So in-game music support rests on them not Sony. Though I will say I would like some sort of auto syncing trophy card or something that's all I can really say I want.

Some of these don't belong as well. Like events scheduled for Home? How exactly will that be address by a firmware? Though I will add another yes to the Comic store coming to the PSN.

syanara2710d ago

some of these weren't exactly firmware updates but rather things that I would like to see.

Myst2710d ago

Ah okay, doesn't home have events though still? I haven't been on in a while, but I know they had events of some sort or something.

gypsygib2710d ago

I wish for faster messaging, I shouldn't have to go though 6 steps to send a message and get back to the game. At least after I send it allow me to simply press the PS button to exit, not circle 3 times. Oh, and the instant I receive a message, allow me to click the PS button to go directly to it instead of having to go through 3 steps.

and speed up the whole process, when I'm in the middle of a MP match I don't want to needlessly waist time waiting for loading.

SilverSlug2710d ago

Most of it is making it easier to do stuff while gaming. Cross game chat would be nice to most people.

Gypsygib basically hit it on the head. Cross game chat would make it even easier.

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