Game Revolution: PlayStation Move Review

Game Revolution: "When I was a Nintendo fanboy, as all children (knowingly or not) are, I always thought of Sony as that older brother who steals Nintendo's stuff. The relationship runs deep, with Sony spurned by Nintendo's choosing of Panasonic for the Super Famicom disc reader attachment. When Sony launched the Playstation, they had to update the control pad to account for the Nintendo 64's superior control of 3D space with the analog stick. After the Wii's motion control reveal, Sony shoddily implemented Sixaxis motion support for the launch of the PS3."

+ Precise, easy control
+ Many different applications
+ Comfortable buttons
+ A motion control wand that doesn't suck
+/- Sex toy?

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eggbert2857d ago

makes this site lose credibility. I don't think the visuals of a peripheral matter that much unless its some vibrant color that doesn't match the rest of your entertainment set. I mean seriously, should we start putting a game's cover art towards its review score?

jneul2857d ago

it's not a sex toy, bubbles eaten...