Huliq:- Analysis: predicting Kinect launch sales figures

Huliq writes: Sony and its Playstation Move face the difficulty that its technology is merely a refinement of that underpinning Nintendo’s popular Wii console. Phrases like “Wii HD” and “Wii too” are used to deride the Move, but Microsoft doesn’t have that problem with the Kinect. Instead of taking an existing model for gaming and refining it, the company from Redmond went in a very new direction.

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ingiomar2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

5 million units by christmas...nice if thats the case then we should have more great developers on kinect side

Jealous fanboy?

Lucreto2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Yes it will get more developers and they will be disappointed when hardcore games start coming and no one buys them and they go back to making fitness games and dancing games.

It will be the wii all over again.


Don't get me wrong I want Kinect to succeed but I want it on the strenght of its software and hardware. As we have seen it is not the best. But spending $500 million on advertising it with no reviews until after people have parted with their money. I don't like a bought victory which MS seems to be good at. Most of that oney could have gome into jobs and help the economy get back into shape.

eggbert2893d ago

Ingiomar may be a troll at times, but that post wasn't really trolling. He didn't even bash anything, sure you may believe the Kinect will fail, but that makes you no better than the 360 fanboys that said the Move would fail.

That said, I think both peripherals will do good, the Move is already off to a strong start, and the Kinect seems to be attracting a good amount of casual buyers. I am REALLY hoping for some good black friday deals on the Move stuff, if not I'll have to wait until christmas to get a lot of the stuff I need with my budget.

postofficebuddy2893d ago

Are they talking US or worldwide? MS themselves said they're shooting for 3 million this year. 3.5 million first week is a pipe dream.

Stealth20k2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

has to be worldwide. Moves already done approx 2 mil in 30 days

gypsygib2893d ago


But who cares how much Kinect sells, I can't imagine playing it for more than 15 minutes at a party, anymore than that would be lame, girls would take priority.

Stealth20k2893d ago

no sold

over 1 million sold in america

While Sony's official release says that it has shipped more than 1 million units, Reuters is reporting that more than a million units have actually been sold.

GaMe012893d ago

On another note, I have been avoiding the inevitable flame bait that comes with talking about Kinect pre-orders/sales assumptions because I think it's always dumb to trust a company that says "pre-orders are selling out everywhere!" when no real numbers are given until the sales actually go through. Because of that, I stand by my OPINION that Kinect will do well. Why? Because, people are f'n stupid enough to buy into the marketing. If the Wii can succeed, so can this thing.

My point is derived from the concept that while the device MAY work, even relatively to how it's advertised to work, the software, just like Move is laughable at best. Microsoft is alienating their core audience who has been so loyal, loyal enough to take them above and beyond what people expected from the Xbox brand 5 years ago. And this same core audience is either shrieking out in excitement, for no definable reason, or is crying out against the grain saying exactly what I just said. Either way, spitballing numbers here, I'd say that a good 60-70% of Xbox 360's current userbase will buy into Kinect because they've bought into every other aspect of Microsoft's game business without batting an eye. There will be no logic for these people, and if anything will deter them, it'll be the price point. As that for the price of almost 3 games, you can own a device that still requires a limited selection of mediocre software (Dance Central will be a hit. That is all.) to use and enjoy. Going back to what I said earlier though, my opinion? Consumers are borderline retarded.

No motion control will ever take primary dominance over standardized button controls. Wii may seem to prove otherwise, but at least in MS's case, you have to look at the lack of a physical input device. Taking away the controller puts you in a situation similar to live action role playing. You're going to be flailing a fake sword around (sword peripheral not included), only with a less imaginative take on the results.

So people , take heed. If you want shenanigans to continue to run this fine games industry, don't buy into the hype. Sit back, watch Kinect launch from the comfort of your couches and see what post-apocalyptic crap comes raining down on Microsoft while you go "oh man, I'm glad I didn't buy that."

I'm not so much a fanboy, I'm just telling it like it is

shadyiswin2893d ago

Microsoft is not trying replace controllers genius, this is not some casual take over. It is simply an option, you want to play casual? Here play casual games. You want your shooters and sports? Here we have those too. The concept is simple, so simple that you guys over complicated it. Casual gaming is money, microsoft isn't going into half ass. If they were going in 50% you guys wouldn't shut up. They have 20 titles before years end, yes all are about the same types of games but what is being shown is support. The games are there and it works, the worst game I played is joyride and people loved it.

I mean really, what is the problem? The tech works. Tons of games in production. Microsoft has it full muscle behind it. You don't want it don't buy it. I mean it's only n4g and I know it's sony heaven, what does sony have going for it right now or even the rest of the year? I think your frustrations should be taken out on sony for giving you a lackluster year. Last must have was god of war 3, which is more of the same with better graphics. 1 player games can only have so much replay value. Sony needs to take it's own advice and "step your game up"

DaBadGuy2893d ago

Eh. Kinect will do well. IDK if it'll do better than Move, but Emperor Oprah's Seal of Approval will get the housewives out from behind the stove and in front of the television. The mainstream will eat this crap up. IDK about 5 million units by Christmas, but I'm sure they could do at least 3 mil. I'm not going to be part of that 3 mil, but to those of you getting Kinect, best of luck to you hope you enjoy playing it, because we'll all enjoy watching you while you play it.

I'm betting within a week accident videos will start popping up on YouTube.

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