Nvidia Slashes GPU Prices in Anticipation of New AMD GPU Releases

You heard right. As AMD starts rolling our their new GPU's, Nvidia has slashed prices on theirs. So who wins here? The consumer!!

Nothing like some fierce competition to get great deals out to gamers. Whether you're an AMD or Nvidia fan, that GPU you've been wanting will certainly cost less this holiday season.

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CrzyFooL2802d ago

"The lower the cost of entry into PC gaming, the more PC gamers there shall be!!"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Sandwich Bender2802d ago

You PC gamers and your lack of hostility! Where's all the console bashing?

NYC_Gamer2802d ago

its alot of red vs green on many pc forums

CrzyFooL2802d ago

I'll take Nvidia vs AMD over PS3 vs 360 any day. At least PC gamers can back up their claims with specs and testing.

It's not just like: "FU FANBOI MY EXCLUSIVEZ R BETTR!!!"

HolyOrangeCows2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

"You PC gamers and your lack of hostility! Where's all the console bashing?"

Oh yeaaah...there are neeeever PC gamers bashing consoles on N4G...

KingKiff2802d ago

I'll agree HolyOrangeCow. we can be a elitist mob sometimes.

But you have got to admit, everything is better on a PC.

HolyOrangeCows2802d ago

"I'll take Nvidia vs AMD over PS3 vs 360 any day. At least PC gamers can back up their claims with specs and testing.

It's not just like: "FU FANBOI MY EXCLUSIVEZ R BETTR!!!""

So your computer's specs are better than exclusive games? lol, that's sad if that's how your priorities are set up.

NarooN2801d ago

Everything's better on a PC? Yeah, I'll totally pack my PC up and bring it to my friend's house just to play one game rather than just taking the disc. Can't do that with a console--- OH WAIT

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toaster2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

lol When stuff like this releases I probably won't even bother talking about it on N4G.. people here don't understand and all of the 6 PC guys won't make for a very good conversation. Go to Guru3D, [H], OC3D, anywhere other than N4G. Might as well call it News 4 Console Maggots.

Well then tell them to head to the N4G forums where we can have a real fckin discussion... lol. None of this bubbles crap. I might be a troll on the front page but I'm much more mature on the forums ;) lol.

And I know who the PC gamers are. I've been here longer than you :P. I was joking, making fun of the legions of PS3tards and Xbros compared to the small amount of actual PC enthusiasts.

karlowma2802d ago

Can't talk... too busy running benchmarks...

CrzyFooL2802d ago

you'd be surprised. N4G has a lot of PC gamers who hide out until they see PC news. Then they go apeshit comparing specs and benchmarks.

Xfanboy2802d ago

News 4 Console Maggots.

tacosRcool2802d ago

I'm glad! I need to upgrade to DX11 and do these cards hit the performance and price point pretty good

IaMs122802d ago

Im kind of confused actually from looking at the prices, the 6870 is about $240 and 6850 is about $180. Cheapest ive seen but yet are they suppose to be better then the 5870 and 5970? If so hell why are the 5870 and 5890 so expensive.

I currently have a 5770 and if they are as cheap as they really are and THAT MUCH better i may sell my 5770 and buy a new one :)

TOSgamer2802d ago

6870 is slightly slower then 5870 and the same for the 6850 vs 5850. But both are a sizable step up from a 5770 though.

Go to for the full review and more benchs if you want.

ct032802d ago

The tesselation performance is still as weak as in the 5000 series.
Not an issue with current games of course, but benchmarks like the Stonegiant are a glimpse of the future.

menoyou2802d ago

and liberals try to claim capitalism is bad and free markets are bad. bunch of morons.

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tigresa2802d ago

Sales don't hurt anyone. >;D

toaster2802d ago

It's still there. PCs have this thing called Infinite Backwards Compatibility. Consoles can barely play games from the previous gen let alone 2 or 3 generations ago.

NarooN2801d ago

PC have infinite BC? That's funny. I remember how the moment Vista came out, tons of XP and below games wouldn't even run, let alone work properly. That's still the case for a lot of games, and you'd have to install 50 billion patches and fixes just to get some games working. Whereas with my PS3, I can play PS1 and PS2 games. The Wii can play Gamecube games and the NES, SNES, and N64 games are all available from the VC. 360 has limited BC.

Raccoon2512802d ago

I still can't afford any of these!

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