Major Nelson to Appear at Kinect Event in Times Square

Find out what Major Nelson and Microsoft will be doing in New York!

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TagMeIn2858d ago

I just had a major dyslexic moment for a minute there. I thought the title mentioned Nelson Mandela was coming to Kinect event!
I flipped out for a second. That would have been way too much!

Bigpappy2857d ago

Talk about over kill. Madela is like ghandi.

2858d ago
FrigidDARKNESS2857d ago

This is great marketing and advertising that MS is doing. It will definitely frive sales thru the roof and make MS the number one console and the peoples choice for gaming.

punkpop1012857d ago

Sorry but it already is the number 1 choice.Except if you're a core gamers who instead of playing games you sit and watch shitty blu-ray movies.And watch out for those comments because ps3 fanboys will eat you alive.

Light Yagami2856d ago

Microsoft is going all out. Good for them.