Atlus Expects Strong Sales for Catherine

Releasing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year will be Atlus' first HD title with the release of their provocative title, Catherine. Details have slowly been coming out on the new title, but Atlus is still holding a lot back about the gameplay and other finer specifics. Sales wise, Atlus has revealed their expectations for the game and they are expecting the game to do fairly well.

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Blaster_Master2858d ago

I say it once, and I'll say it many times more again if I have to. 360 owners only buy sports games and shooters. I wish you PR idiots would get your heads out your butts. How many times are you gonna fail before you learn? Wanna sell this game? Put it on the ps3 morons.

zatrox2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

"Want more sales? Ignore a console that has a good install base!"

Also, 150k might not sound much, but that's a pretty high amount on Japan.

PS: Having it for 360 means "This game is going out in America, too."


I think he meant "Oh no, make it exclusive!!!!1one"

Anyways, it's still a somewhat high expectation for Japan-only sales, taking in account some great games barely sell 50k over there.

Also, Catherine's an "Action/Adventure horror game", instead of a JRPG.

Redempteur2858d ago

"Having it for 360 means "This game is going out in America, too."

smoking much ??

this game would have gone in america with or without the 360.

zatrox2858d ago

Seeing at how risqué the game seems like, at first I would somewhat doubt a localization, but then again, it's Atlus.

Also, I just said that since the 360 is a little bigger here in America, and Atlus wants to get some good sales, wich is why indeed somewhat ensuring a localization.

Then again, as I said, it's Atlus, so yeah.

Dragun6192858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

But it is on the PS3. And Atlus is only expecting to sell only 150,000 copies in Japan and that's combining both platforms sales.

I think Catherine will sell well to match Atlus Expectations. It is a Jrpg and it is made by the Persona team, so hopefully they'll meet the expectations or even surpass it. Then Atlus can bring it over to the West.


they're expecting 149k Ps3 sales and 1k 360 sales?

tacosRcool2858d ago

More like PS3 149,999 +/- 1 and 360 +/-1

big_silky2858d ago

i'm tired of that stupid effin lie, cod and medal of honor on ps3 will outsell all the ps3 exclusives this year combined. every effin shooter that comes out is right on top of the ps3 charts.

DaTruth2858d ago

Medal of Honour and COD will outsell all 360 exclusives combined too! Especially Alan Wake!!!

Vegeta90002858d ago

Looks like they're going to be disappointed. This looks like a rental at best and I doubt I will even bother with it at all. I'd rather have a RPG.

Obama2858d ago

I will buy it for sure, but I don't expect sales to be high AT all. Unique games don't sell most of the time. And 360 fanbase won't care about it.

zatrox2858d ago

If we're going by generalizations, the 360 fanbase in Japan cares more about unique titles and "niché" genres than the PS3 one.

Think about the 360 as a neckbeard/internet hate machine/complete westaboo AND otaku console there.

dgroundwater2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

zatrox speaks the truth so why the disagrees? Even niche shovelware is big on Japanese 360s, like what the PS2 had last gen.

3nd3rth32858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

The people at Atlus have a good business mentality - undershoot in sales and be surprised later with the public reaction. Do I think Catherine will sell more than 150k worldwide? Yes. How much more? Don't know. But, they are not in the same boat as NT with their expected 1+ million sales with Enslaved and getting 80k in 3 weeks. They don't shit talk either. They make great, hard games with replay value and a shout to the hardcore.

AceofStaves2858d ago

That's the great thing about Atlus. They're willing to put out titles that aren't the same-old, same-old. 'Rule of Rose' is a perfect example. Not to mention the fantastic SMT series and its 'Persona' spin-offs.

If 'Catherine' is released in NA, it's a Day 1 purchase for me, no question.

I guess that makes me one of the 'Atlus Faithful?' :D

QuantumSponge2858d ago

I'm not seeing much of a game here. How do you 'play' Catherine, exactly? Because most of the promotional materials I've seen just seem to involve some guy ogling the titular character.

Ah, well. Can't be as bad as Steins;Gate (sic).