PlayStation 3 to offer 3D gaming?

If there is one pinnacle that gaming has not yet reached, it is fully immersing the player into the experience they are playing. Yes BioShock is amazing, and Half-Life 2 truly made a gamer feel like he or she was Gorden Freeman, but just imagine those games experiences if they were in full 3D. Instead of a Big Daddy just trudging by, he would actually seem like he was next to the gamer, same with those annoying head crap zombies from Half-Life 2.

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nice_cuppa3919d ago

this would take holographic projection.

come on.

Greysturm3919d ago

So the only console with a bluray player out is...

timmyp533919d ago

because the 3D age is already here

WilliamRLBaker3919d ago

WE all ready tried holograms and they died a miserable death because of motion sickness...ect
We'd need something 1000X more powerful then the ps3 to do true holographic gaming..

Thursday3919d ago

I always love it when people of science speak up in these matters, to educate the rest of us. Good stuff.

WilliamRLBaker3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

and I enjoy people that cannot speak their mind instead are petty because they dont understand even half of what they say so lash out at others.

But i will assume your trying to say that the ps3 is PERFECTLY capable of real time 3d holographics right? because thats what your saying by that statement.

Heres a fact when holographic 3d gaming was first introduced in the late 80's early 90's it was a burgoning industry with alot of experts saying would evolve into holographic entertainment.
Not only was it crap in both expression and exocution it caused serious-minimal health problems in the eyes, and mind of people that used it not including.

Nausia,Motion sickness, Virtigo, in one extreme case one of the first 3d companies beta testers started developing eye nerve damage from the games he was constantly testing.

The graphics sucked for what they we're, the sensing equipment was constantly fault, So your telling me using machiens that we're state of the art at the time (late 80's-90s) they weren't able to make an usuable holographic 3d system, that the ps3 can?

With the big advances in computers we've had in the past 10 years why hasn't any one tried it? because no one wants it thats why, the only way to get rid of the health problems as before would be full enviorment 3d none of this 3d glasses..ect gloves because they produce an tube vision view of the world which was the reason for the health problems..

If you dont understand what an full enviorment hologram is...then I advise you watch an episode of Babylon 5, star trek...ect you know the recreational hologram areas? thats full enviormental holograms.

Are you saying the ps3 is capable of that? WEll HELL 360, and wii just better shut up shop because if the ps3 is capable of that then its the home of entertainment for the next 60 years.
At most the ps3 will be capable of limited 3d holograms glasses...ect Or 2nd/3d holograms you saw them in arcades one was this big white cabinet and you looked into it and the image was 3d you could pass your hand through it...ect it was like...old gun fighter mc gee or whatever someone might remmber the was a cowboy and you had to react to scenes like dragons lair...ect

Thursday3919d ago

Noone has mentioned holographics, what article, if any, did you actually read?

The technology mentioned was developed by Mitsubishi, and the basic principle is that the player sends out two "copies" of the same frame. One of these copies is the original frame, and the other copy is there to give the viewer a 3D feel to the movie (or game, in this case). No glasses etc are required. The panels used for this have to be able to update the display at a rate of 120 hz though, which probably isn't all that common.

This is brand new technology, so nothing you had to add to this discussion really mattered.

SofaKingReetodded3919d ago

as he tries to sound intelligent for an xbot when in reality you'd get more accurate info from his flatulence.

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junk563919d ago

it would be cool if they did this but its illogical for them at the same time

it wont happen, sony will do something new and innovative but it wont be this.

bung tickler3919d ago

they need to work on regular old 2d games first... just a suggestion... unless they like 3rd place.

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