Game Informer Show 44: New Vegas, Kirby, Rock Band 3, DJ Hero 2

The fall release season is heating up, so GameInformer has got a ton of triple A games to discuss this week. The show kicks off with Obsidian's epic Fallout: New Vegas. Andy Reiner and Dan Ryckert join host Matt Helgeson to discuss one of the year's most anticipated titles. As it turns out, it's a somewhat mixed bag, as the two praise the game for its deep and lengthy quest, but curse the game's numerous bugs and lack of water-cooler moments.

Next up is Reiner and Phil Kollar discussing their love affair with one of the most hyped games of E3 -- Kirby's Epic Yarn. While people have already been entranced by its amazingly cute graphical style, this title has a ton of great gameplay. This is mandatory listening for Wii owners. Finally, Andy McNamara and Matt Miller are on hand as they break down the year in music games, including Rock Band 2, DJ Hero 2, and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

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