Batman: Arkham Asylum 66% Off on Steam All Weekend

Arguably the best Batman game ever created, Batman: Arkham Asylum has been heavily slashed in price for Steam’s weekend deal. Combining stealth, beat ‘em up and an awesome puzzle based storyline, Arkham Asylum went on to receive rave reviews and even has a sequel in creation as you read this.

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Drjft2860d ago

Nothing beats stalking dudes in the dark, then mugging them.

Except stalking girls in the dark. Wait, is that weird?

vicious69832860d ago

Anyone who hasn't played this game is a retard

tacosRcool2860d ago

All the time spent name calling could be used to play this game!

wakash2860d ago

great deal on a great game... just in time for those who haven't played it and are planning on getting the sequel

Nostradavis2860d ago

I traded my copy in months ago. Beat it two times first.

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The story is too old to be commented.