"Sonic Free Riders Pushes Kinect to the Limit" - Talking Sonic Free Riders with Sega

DS writes, "Recently both Joel and Al got the chance to join Sega as they showed off some of their upcoming titles at an event in NYC. Sonic Free Riders, a Kinect launch title, is was one of the games that they got to play around with. Hit the break to check out our interview with Sega’s Dan “The Robin” Gallardo, as he discusses with Al the details about how they pushed Kinect to get the most out of the device for this particular title. Interspersed throughout the interview you’ll get a chance to see the game in action as Joel makes a fool out of himself in front of everyone. Feel free to make fun of him in the comments."

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NYC_Gamer2826d ago

how can a dead franchise like sonic push any hardware to its limit

JoelT2826d ago

the hardware is Kinect! ZING!

Nitrowolf22825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

"Sonic Free Riders Pushes Kinect to the Limit

um no
even though i don't have much expectation for Kinect, i would expect more then this, especially since its on Rail

I call BS on Sega part

InfectedDK2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Why is he hitting the walls all the time??
Cause this one is actually "live"
Kinect is a gimmick

SKUD2825d ago

Dead franchise indeed. This is a classic case of hope being missed placed IMO.

booni32826d ago

Sonic with Kinect... i just can't wait to taste this...SEGA FTW.

Chadness2826d ago

That actually looks like the most fun Kinect game I've seen to date.

thevokillist2826d ago

Just don't know what I think about the Kinect. I'm a gamer who likes a controller in my hand and I'm lazy.

feelintheflow2825d ago

thats the beauty of this, if you don't like it, don't buy it and keep playing games the normal way. The same goes for move. Its not like the kinect games are earth shattering AAA titles. They are casual wii-esque party game titles. I love the addition. I have mine pre-orederd. I already have move, and I love it. The hate this thing gets is astounding. Its not like they are saying you have to have kinect to play stuff like halo reach or COD, or any other top game. If they add an option to enhance games like that, cool, if not no big deal. I am looking forward to getting drunk playing kinect games with my buddy's.

InfectedDK2825d ago

Yeah remember to remove all the cans and pizzas from the table.
Also, clean your room and move your furniture to another room before they arrive.

Parapraxis2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

"Then by all means keep playing games that way...
thats the beauty of this, if you don't like it, don't buy it and keep playing games the normal way. "

Yeah, because it's not like MS is going to cut back on making great games for the core gamers to play using a regular controller and focus almost all their resources into Kinect now are they...oh wait.

feelintheflow2825d ago

you are saying they will have less money to spend on games? We all know that the 360 is all about multi plat games and a few exclusives, do you see that being different? Its not like sony is gonna pony up the dough to make multiplats exclusive, so it will be just like it is. Companies are gonna make shovelware for both kinect and move, why do you think that good games will stop. PS3 will continue to have the most exclusives and the 360 will keep putting out multi plats with timed exlusive dlc. No change there. So why don't you just quit posting in a kinect article if you aren't going to buy it? Oh wait, thats right N4g is News 4 Gamers that don't spend any time playing games, they just spend all the time in here bashing things. What an idiot.

radphil2825d ago

"Companies are gonna make shovelware for both kinect and move, why do you think that good games will stop."

Look at the Wii. Good games are becoming a needle in a haystack now.

feelintheflow2825d ago

I don't think Sony or MS are gonna stop allowing third party companies to make good games for their systems. It doesn't take much time or effort to make shovelware so I am sure you will see plenty of it for kinect, but do you think we won't see anymore halo/cod/Red Dead/GTA/etc. etc. because of it. I already stated that MS is about third party multi plat and time exclusive dlc so what makes you think it will change?

radphil2825d ago

"I already stated that MS is about third party multi plat"

You said it yourself, in which lies the problem. How do we know most of these third parties are going to create more core games within said tech? These are the same third parties that are churning out shovelware. Hell Ubisoft is probably a prime example of it. They threw out more of that stuff on the Wii and DS than I could count. Nintendo allowed this transition, in comparison of coming from Gamecube. What's to say another company won't do the same, when they already made it their direct attention to shift audiences like another company has?

Also given with how the Wii started out, it's about the equivalence of how Kinect is starting out now. They threw in a few games to "show" that they didn't forget the crowd that helped them, and then just only threw a bone every once in a while to keep the others quiet.

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Blaster_Master2826d ago

I wouldn't play this game with a controller let alone with the freakin kinect. LOL. Im sorry but damn man, when are you guys gonna take gaming seriously? Kinect obviously can do things right, but this is not the answer.

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