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Enslaved is the latest game from Heavenly Sword developers Ninja Theory. While Heavenly Sword was lauded for its cutscenes and virtual performances, it failed to resonate particularly strongly with critics or audiences. Eight editors give their opinions about how Enslaved measures up in comparison.

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tacosRcool2893d ago

This game will commercially flopped so get over it

gillri2893d ago

got to number 7 in the Uk charts, still in the top 20 I believe

eggbert2893d ago

is selling `100k on PS3, and `80k on 360.

If the 1 million sales for Heavenly Sword was a let-down for Ninja Theory, I don't know what they will think of this.

MorganX2893d ago

After 52 weeks, the much heralded, and deservedly so, Uncharted 2 has sold 1.8 million. That's a little less than 40k per week.

So for being out 2 weeks against Halo: Reach, Castlevania, and Kinect (arriving on 11/4) hype. That's not bad at all. Given the high number of positive 8+ reviews, no judgment can be made for some time, well past Christmas.

ReservoirDog3162893d ago

I have a feeling this will be a slow burn and, if advertised well after a price drop, would sell a lot more.

Still looking forward to playing this.

prankster2893d ago


umm...uncharted 2 sold over a million copies in the first month and close to 4 million to date.

-Ikon-2893d ago

@eggbert thats because Heavenly Sword was a better game

Baka-akaB2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Nope it's not selling well at all if those numbers are accurate .

keep convincing yourself it will sell well over time ... games with slow legs that ended up selling well still did far better ...

Hell if we wanna hide behind that kind of argument , haze , lair and a few other duds , still had better starts .

Uncharted 2 certainly didnt start that slow .

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HolyOrangeCows2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

It's almost unanimous, and I agree....the gameplay falls short.

Imperator2893d ago

Karma's a b#tch no ain't it NT? How about next time you don't bad mouth you're own games? I'll be picking up Enslaved in the bargain bin (if at all).

DigitalAnalog2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

The only positive aspect of this game that is pretty much unanimous between gamers and reviewers - is that the story and voice acting are excellent.

Gameplay wise, it's the closest thing to an "on-rails" platformer.

-End statement

likedamaster2893d ago

"There's an economy here that other developers would do well to study – I'm looking at you, Kojima – and it's nice to see that cinematic gaming doesn't have to mean bum-numbing exposition."

I will be renting this game and if I like it, I'm going to buy it. Played the demo and loved it.

jc485732893d ago

do you have something against the sales or the company itself?

Seraphim2893d ago

I'm not even convinced a price drop will help this game.... Granted it will help a few more units but I don't think gamers are waiting for a price drop to snatch this one nor will they find a cheaper price a reason to find interest in...

I absolutely loved Heavenly Sword but this game just doesn't tickle gamers fancy I don't think. As a Action/Adventure gamer I've even found no interest in it. Normally I'd be sucking something like this right up. I might play it eventually by default but I'm simply not interesting me. The characters don't sell, the idea, whatever it is, doesn't sell, there's just nothing about this game that even makes me want to play it. The entire package and game just smells like the most putrid of crap. Granted the games surely not half bad if I'd play it. But the point I'm trying to make is that this game just doesn't have anything going for it that's marketable and sellable. And on another note. That chick who runs/owns Ninja Theory really needs to stop w/ the Red Headed women that look kinda like her but vaguely cute. The Girl from Enslaved looks way tooooooooo blooody much like Nariko...

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Seraphemz2893d ago

I really liked the game. One of few games that I passed within a week.

soundslike2893d ago

i remember when platforming wasn't a giant quicktime event.

RememberThe3572893d ago

That made me think of Jak and Daxter. :( I was that series was still on console.

OhMyGandhi2893d ago

odd, I really enjoyed Enslaved.
What's quite odd to me is how when certain people high and mighty in the game industry mention about how, for example a game like gears of war "sold many copies, so it must be doing SOMETHING right". People get annoyed over such statements.

but here comes a game, Enslaved, that doesn't do extremely well sales wise, and yet people have a tendency to side with people like Cliffy B in the sales=quality debate.

RememberThe3572893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I've noticed the same thing, and I think many other have noticed this too; when people talk about how sales show how good a game/console is then turn around and say the opposite when their favorite game console isn't doing so well.

They use two opposing arguments when the situations present themselves. It often comes up when sales numbers come out. Sales have never equaled quality just look at pop music (other than Michael Jackson).

WLPowell2893d ago

with NT's constant bitching about how Heavenly Sword didn't live up to their unrealistically inflated expectations (sales wise). So the general consensus is everyone wanted the game to be a commercial failure, as simply being happy with releasing one of the (even to this day) best looking games ever made that still managed to break one million wasn't good enough for NT. Don't blame the commentors, NT put the importance on selling Modern Warfare numbers.

Christopher2893d ago

As opposed to certain high and mighty people in the gaming community who look down on a successful game and take up the flag of an underdog?

MorganX2893d ago

It's not odd. Look at all the reviews. The overwhelming majority like it, a lot. The majority of those who are complaining clearly have some fanboy issues with Ninja Theory as "they" state. Because NT talked trash on Sony or because they went multiplat, whatever.

The Demo is not the game, not indicative at all, and that's NT's fault. And maybe it's fair to judge it by the Demo. I know I did. I said I wouldn't buy it after the demo but there were too many 8+ reviews then Amazon dropped it for a day to $49.99 so I bought. And I'm glad I did. Fabulous game! MS would be wise to scoop up Ninja Theory while there is opportunity.

Baka-akaB2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

again with that silly retreat and argument . When heavenly sword was out there , there was almost no one to defend it out there .

The game was bashed for many gameplay reasons that still stands today in Enslaved .

You are on a crusade to embelish everything about the game , when its clear that the general gaming population isnt aware of the drama or rants of NT to begin with (and even less aware of the changes in dmc to be that petty) .

IF the console "fanboy power" was that strong and widespread , we'd see even bigger hits for some exclusives , and even bigger backlashes in sales against some other titles . Wich we dont really .

You just refuse the rather solid idea , that some people didnt like it for various gameplay reasons , the demo , or couldnt spare the time and money for it .

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gamingisnotacrime2893d ago

i finished it in one day marathon, the game is not short, is decent length. i just sold it, replay value is very low. Is just a nice game to play and the visuals are pretty, vibrant colorful environments. For me it was like playing Batman AA, the gameplay is more for show than for getting better at it (but Batman is better imo)

MorganX2893d ago

I have not gotten through without dying. I want to go back to do that. I thought I had it after getting the power cell, but the first trip across the bridge behind the car got me.

You can bash your way through, and that might get repetitive, hasn't yet. But I know I can replay most levels and fight 50% less with better strategy.

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