8.0 High Velocity Bowling Move Review

For the last couple of years, any party worth its salt has involved: a) alcohol, b) good friends, and c) Wii Sports Bowling. No matter how insensitive the game was, or how shallow, everybody can be bowling strikes within seconds. For those of us who fancy something a little deeper though, High Velocity Bowling is where it’s at. First released in via the PlayStation Network back in early 2008, the game – complete with SixAxis bowling motion – was met with a mixed reception. Some criticised it for being too difficult, whilst others praised it for retaining the fun factor of Nintendo’s megaton hit, and fleshing it out a bit. I’ll admit right off that bat that until now, I hadn’t as much as thought of giving it a go.

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Makavelli15272830d ago

It was perfect to me already with the ds3 but i will try it when I get the Move